Vote for SFxT to get dat pot bonus

Yeah, finishes end of this month

KoF and TTT2 the only other two games on that list worth voting for imo… at least one of them is winning. RIP SFxT T.T

If SFxT can’t win (I’m still hoping for the Ono assist and a flood of votes) then I’ll take TTT2.

Please no Injustice.

Either KoF or SFxT need to win!

please, we can’t lose to soul calibur and doa5… lol

Well Markman has “motivated” them to support TTT2 with an arcadestick give away. xT should easily reach top 3 as a Capcom fighter but I can perfectly imagine how SF4/umvc3 players vote for other games. Smh if that is true.

You will never beat Nintendo fanboys on an internet poll.

Not an arcade stick giveaway or DLC character reveal, but it’s fu**ing something right!?

Whoa I have never gotten dislikes for SFxT videos before. I shouldn’t have revealed this on srk. Now the haters are on the hunt T.T

looool WOW! Haters really want this game to die out aye? Damn

This whole poll is rubbish now.

Companies bribing people to support games is silly.

At this point, it has nothing to do with the size of the game’s actual player base.

The active hate for this game just gets downright fucking stupid.

…but fuck that, I’m still playing this game.

I like how SCV has NO dislikes…NONE whatsoever smh

I voted for P4A because fuck SFxT :coffee:

You mean fuck Capcom? Cuz that’s what you are basically saying since it’s the only Capcom game in the poll. Srk going down to Ehubs level? Smh

Lol, xT haters are such sheep… Stream monster mentality at its best.

Hey we can still win. if Capcom bribes the haters with the 5th character reveal for USF4 LOL

Well I voted so at least you cant say I’m such a bad person for playing JRPGs instead of SFxT for a while :smiley: