VOTE FOR THE REMATCH! - MrNAPS/Emphy vs insanelee!

TEKKENBOB Feature: MrNAPS VS insanelee !

             August 25, 2009

The mysterious project J vs B has been revealed! @tekkenbob got together with arguably the current best TEKKEN 6 player in the US, Jimmy MrNAPS Tran and seasoned veteran, the TEKKEN 4 and TEKKEN 5 National Champion Bronson insanelee Tran to capture a series of match videos just for the TEKKEN fans! But the action doesnt stop there! Click below to view the matches and for more information on how you can get involved with the rematch!

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They should have made it the B vs J Project…or better yet, the BJ Project.

I voted Leo, knowing it would never get far :frowning:

Wow, Nina wins the popular vote.

Though, this time, there’s no u/f+1 :lol: