Vote for Virtua Fighter 4

Here’s my vote for Virtua Fighter 4. Specifically, I’d love to see Final Tuned and as I’ve mentioned in an earlier thread, I’m offering Toronto’s Final Tuned (Naomi2, Ver.B, and Card Readers)to be there.


I vote yes! It would be awesome to get a VFFT machine there, but isn’t it a console only tournament? If that’s the case, then I vote for VFEvo.

Is there going to be an official poll somewhere on this site to vote for games, or just threads like this?

It would be great to see the Toronto VF4:FT ver. B at Evo2k5.

I’ll see what it will take to get the SoCal VF4:FT ver. B machine there as well.

Use of FT would be likely to attract international high-level players.

I support VF 100% at Evo.

VF and Las Vegas would be like a dream come true. I vote on FT if at all possible, but Evolution would be better then nothing.

VF4 Evo

I will fly to Vegas if VF4 Evo is there at EVO. Please Please.

I gotta vote for Virtua Fighter 4.

may the powers at make this happen.


I talk about VF all the time in these forums so put my vote in for VF. FT or Evo.


I gotta vote for VF as well. It just wouldn’t be EVO without such a well made fighting game in its rotation.

I vote yes on proposition 211

Supporting VF4 at Evo2k5.

Myke here. Count my vote for VF4 Evo or FT.

VF4 Evo or FT all the way!

For what it’s worth,

I also would like to see VF:Evo or FT.

And count my vote double.

Here’s another vote for VF at Evo 2005.

i vote yes

of course i support FT at evo2k5 rest of these people who dont play vf should be shown what they are missing :tup:.

if there is vf, i’ll go & i’ll probably even buy a t-shirt.

if there isn’t vf…i mean…who the hell wants to go to vegas in august?

Yeah, you have my vote good luck fellas.

A vote for VF in either form.