Vote for your godsgarden#4 bison players

The page is in Japanese, but I believe you guys still get most of them who is who.

shungoku neurosis is at no.28, ikoma devil is at no.14, kim is at no.244 if my memory is good.

i definately go for neurosis.

remember click the button on the left, the player gets one vote, click the button on the right, the player loses one vote.

Done. I voted Neurosis and Kim. It would be nice to see a Bison at Godsgarden for a change

forgot to tell you guys , there are gonna be 16 players pan out in the tournament. 11 of them will be generated by voting. 4 of them will be generated by the preliminary game of the match day, 1 will be the latest nsb champ.
according to the tournament rules, only 2 players of the same characters can be voted into the tournament, which means kindev, momochi, or mdr might have to play the preliminary game, cos most people will probably vote for daigo and kazu in YUN players pool.