VOTE HERE: What Fighters do you want to see online next?

sticky this?

Guilty Gear - I want to bust up scrubs with Venom
Alpha 2 - This game was perfect…
CvS2 - Duh
Project Justice - Now this is how a 2.5D game should be, with slight 3D elements.

EDIT: Don’t know why I put HSFA up there… but I did. Deal with it.
EDIT 2:** This is an awful thread**
I forgot to put up MvC, XSF, and Jojos… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: dammit.

I doubt you’ll see Jojo’s as Capcom only owns the rights for the code.

Yeah, I forgot about that.
That’s very true…

BTW: You like HSFA? The one with the Bison infinite? lol - Shit’s GODLIKE

Samurai Shodown

Garou is hard ass to play, but fuck yes.
Which SamSho? VSP? IV? Tenka? lol

I thought it said alpha collection.

I don’t know, I was linked to a ROM a long time ago (think it was V Special?) and I thought the game was awesome. I remember when arcades existed, the SamSho in the mall was on a HUGE screen.

Garou, I found after watching the Fatal Fury movies and tried it out. Again, awesome game I think deserves more love.

SamSho 5 Special is a Neo Geo AES exclusive(even though its works for mvs with a converter or unibios). SNK made it clear that they’re not going to port it.

Edit: I wouldn’t mind if they finished Garou MotW Special. Duck King, Raiden, and Blue Mary would of been crazy on the MotW Engine.

Just as a reference for me, as I’ve never played it and don’t have any ROMs what sets SamSho5 Special apart from 5?

As for the vote
SvC: Chaos

That game was awesome, because SNK set the balance scale to Tilt. Although Zero(and to a lesser extent Geese) spoils the game it’s still awesome fun.

And here I thought I was ALONE in thinking that game was a lot of fun. I was always afraid to admit it, and I commend you for doing so. Loved Hugo and Guile’s hair cut.

Well back then it was rare to see a game where almost the entire cast was relevant in some way, or had some neat trick they could abuse.Plus the 100%s for the entire cast (Except Choi who got 96) was pretty sweet. I never got into it competitively but from what I understand a competitive scene for it never really took off.

Voted for CVS2, but I wouldn’t mind A3.

Yeah, I’m well aware of that. The game was broke, and honestly was overlooked because of CvS2, which was so much better (and still is)
Loved me some SvC Chaos though. Hype game!

Could have voted multiples.

I voted for Guilty Gear Accent Core, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and Vampire Savior. Those games are great.

Guilty Gear XX
Power Stone 1 and 2
Vampire Savior
X-men: Children of the atom

Super Turbo, with no dumb input lag like PS3 HDR. But only if they release a PC version, else I would rather stick to GGPO, thanks.

Realistically, I don’t see this happening. :frowning:

alpha 2+3

and cvs2

Neither do I, they sort of have to add input lag to one of the versions. And they seem not to give a shit about PC versions: the horrendous delay for the release of SF4 is a proof. I ain’t sure if it is cos of copyright infringement, of if they would rather not release an “eternal” port, so they can keep milking money from several console ports as time progresses.

Edit: has someone already tested both versions of 3SOE for input delay?

The majority of the SF market is not on PC these days.

It’s fine.