Vote Mrs.Victoria

She is really awesome, and she is a teacher who’ll mimick other fighting game moves. I really want to see her do a shoryoken and a sonic boom.

Also as nice as she was to teach us how to play the game the least we could do is have her in the game as a playable character lol


She is awesome and has an amazing and interesting moveset, I hope she doesn’t loose to the bland boxer

do we really need a whole bunch of “vote for X character” threads?

also ms victoria is boring as fuck. she has almost 0% chance of actually winning.

Mrs. Victoria will make you beat out the erasers for using such language. But really, I don’t think she’s boring, it’s just that there are a lot of characters who are much, much more interesting. I would love to see her in the game eventually.

Why the fuck do these keep popping up? And a 3 sentence post definitely isn’t going to change my voting preference

She’s honestly one of the last characters that I want to see playable.

If I want to post a thread supporting a cool hot teacher then I’ll do it!

And she isn’t boring as fuck, ya seriously could tell me that her style is boring and then also tell me that Andy or Panzerfaust is fun? Really?

Ya want more mkay

She would have iconic moves from other fighting games

She’ll have teacher themed moves

She’s… Hot!!!

What more could you want? I know she might not be Eliza,Annie,Minette,Regina,Roxie,Stanley, or B.Dhalia But she is extremely cool in her own way. Also she is badass character

I did vote for her, but I knew she wouldn’t make it too far.
Still voting for her again in the next poll.

I hope someday she’ll become a playable character.

Which in my opinion would make her a less unique and/or interesting addition to the current roster of playable characters.

If anything your making me want to vote for her less. If I want those iconic moves ill play those other games. Moves that take inspiration from those moves are a different story. The way you said it makes it sound like she will straight up copy paste some specials.

What the fuck does “Teacher themed moves” even mean? Ruler stance?

She’s hot? I guess. Multiple potential characters are more so than her.

Any of those would be better.

they both sound pretty ass too.

Funny thing.
Alex said in tha last Salty Cupcakes that his favorites characters are the top row in the indiegogo page.
There’s Mrs. Victoria with D. Violet, the 3 characters required for the canon Story Mode and Annie.

Yeah so she won’t suck

I seem to recall mike saying he really wanted feng and Beowulf to get in

Even if he doesn’t, I do.

I hope she makes it further then the last round, she is really cool plus I have a thing for teachers

A Deep Violet video. But Mrs. Victoria also apears in it.

I like Mrs.Victoria, she seems like she’d be a really fun character to fighting game fans. And SF fans will be happy to Shoryuken in Skullgirls