Vote mvc2 for evo 2010

VOTE PEOPLE!!! I’m confident Marvel will win.

I hope those melty blood guys are just a vocal minority…

i voted marvel and my main game is 3s, gotta believe!

evo w/out mahvel, 3s, cvs2? featuring instead blazeblue, melty blood, and tekken 6? Evo must not like being the most popular tourney scene anymore…

in what world is it all that hard to find a couple screens and consoles to keep these games alive… why the fuck would you just snub those potential ‘customers’ and not have the games they wanted to play.

Perhaps we can rename it SF4-VO…

evo without marvel would make me sad

EVO with mo mvc2=NO HYPE AT ALL!!!

Threw my vote in but things are looking grimm.

There are thousands of votes, I’m sure only about a hundred or so are Melty Blood. The only people who voted for it are probably limited to just the ones talking about it. Those guys just like to talk a lot. Most people who vote don’t even post in the thread. I’m pretty confident that Marvel is racking fairly well up there right now. Just wish for the best and spread the word fellas!

Even if Marvel wins, we still lose. PS3 version FTL.

ps3 version is fine… local matches have almost no issues. The d+lk thing breaks like 2 combos in the whole game and makes magnus d+lk come out bit slower… which has no effect if you alter your timing slightly. PS3 version > 360 version easily… arcade still the best and dc still better than the new versions… but new generation mahvel is still far better than any other game available to choose.

If it doesnt make the vote in sure the scene will still support mvc2 with a hype byoc side tourny. using dreamcast of course.

Is there a list or post of the differences between PS3 and DC that would affect gameplay? Aside from the things MadTitan said, are there any other important things? Maybe character specific things?

I’m ignorant in this area is why I’m asking.

black heart is a little fucked up. some of the stuff thats not suppose to conect does conect. and it takes longer for characters to spin out of the infinite. dreamcast its like 45 hist and they spin out, ps3 is like 65 hits.

i voted marvel myself by the way. marvel, or at least cvs2=hype. only people that dont like that shit are fucking stupid new assholes. lol. unfortunately, there is a part of me that wants something that doesnt matter to me to win, that way during bb and whatever other game besides cvs2 or marvel ( sorry. american 3s isnt hype for me) i can go to the bar and get fucking lit up. :slight_smile: but not too much, because i will be in the finals of something this year!!! ha haaaaaaa

EVO = Marvel is done…get over it. Bad enough the game got SHAT on at NEC…I was there, so I know…

SB5 (if it happens) = Possibly the new Marvel playground

Conclusion = You want Marvel? Participate somewhere that isn’t EVO…

Granted, to anyone that plans on going to EVO just for Marvel you’re better off not going unless someone plans on having hotel room money matches/casuals and shit via DC. Ppl may want to conclude that EVO officials fucked up by making this decision, fact of the matter is they had to for the sake of the new age fighting game scene (so not surprising that ppl would rather have Melty, BB and the such over 3s/CvS2/Marvel).

But as far as tournament is concerned, this 10+ year old game is just that…ancient history.

…though I would be surprised if, somehow, Marvel wins over Melty…and even then it’s useless…no DC’s = Done

Evo is crazy if their new bag is go with wtver is popular that year… fighting games come and go by the hundreds. Only a handful of games like ST, 3s, mvc2, CvS, have had the staying power of 5 - 15 years.

Replacing them for shit like tekken 6 is bunk as a mofo. Tekken 5 was out 3 seconds ago… tekken 7 will be out in 3 more seconds… who the hell will care about 6 anymore? Just like 5… and 4… and 3… and 2… and 1… Blazeblue seems set to run the same path with a new release already in the books… the point of these tourneys is that over a period of years people get insanely skilled. Games with a lifespan that will be only 1-2 years… people simply don’t get as good. Period.

Melty Blood… seriously… the game isn’t even new. Or largely popular (guessing more people downloaded mvc2 in the last week than the total number of people who own MB in the states…)

mvc2 is like 10 years old and over 200 people signed up at Evo last year… why don’t you tell me how many people will sign up for tekken 6 in 10 years? Most of the games getting bumped can make this argument. Who could blame them… they are better games…

this man speaks the truth. Evo sold out.

I can’t cosign this. Tekken’s been a fighting game mainstay for freaking forever. It’s still the same ol’ same ol’ (for the old-school cats) with enough new stuff each iteration to keep it fresh and draw new people in. Just because it gets a new number in front of it doesn’t make it bad or terrible because they keep coming out with them. Heihachi is still whooping ass and taking names. :bgrin:

BlazBlue was a terrible game to begin with. Not sure how completely accurate this is, but I heard in the big clusterf-bomb thread that the only reason BB is even at Evo is because the company that made it is sponsoring it, so take from that what you will.

I think casual tekken is pretty fun to play but at a higher level is kinda weak in comparison to many games. Normally tekken at a high level means doing combo to knockdown, juggle with low attack as long as possible. Nothing like watching a dude bounce like a balloon while someone low shorts them 17 times in a row… not exactly entertaining on the level of mvc2 combo frenzy… 3s parry madness… ect… tekken “skill” just doesn’t compute in a way thats much fun to watch.

Meanwhile tekken 6 wont stick around… its got a year or two of popularity before its done… and thats it. I’d much rather see a game where people have honed their skills for years.

“I heard in the big clusterf-bomb thread that the only reason BB is even at Evo is because the company that made it is sponsoring it, so take from that what you will.”

Yea it’s called selling out. It’s called turning your back on long time games and their players In favor of the mightly $$…

i voted mvc2 so chris schmidt can win o before its off for good. now someone go to the newbie thread and help me pls.