Vote: Pure Art Tag Battle

mmk since nobody wanted to judge im just making this a poll, seems to be the easiest way.

plz explain why you chose who you did.



Tat guy.



why have there been 2 votes and nobody stating why?

btw dan i voted for you.
i couldnt vote for myself so i chose between the others.
dan simply on your improvement in the last week and also the depth in your tag. you have direction with a simplitic tag, though there are flaws it was better than the others to me. :tup:

good luck everyone :tup:

lol dan is my apprentice, im teaching him.

lol and btw who voted for gumz?? plz state why… lol (i love you gumz)

5 votes? thnx for who voted for meeh

Mine,Gumz,and Worthless were trash. . . . . … but I’d would’ve voted your’s tetsu, but it had some flow issues. . .voted for Dand

I probably should’ve made my realnosoplaceholdery entry sooner…

mehhhhhhhhhhhh oh well

voted tetsu

TestuAKA and DanD both look too similar. TatGuy is still using the same clouds. Worthless’s colors aren’t to my liking…

I going with [COLOR=“Cyan”]GuMz, since like always, he always brings something fresh and new to his entries. Plus his earth tone colors stand out more from the other entries and caught my eye (:wonder: the good one) first… dood.[/COLOR]

lol random, i made my tag like a week before he did. you shouldnt judge mine agianst his because they are similar. :wonder:
where are my flow issues tat? its odd how TM peeps liked this and srk kids dont.
beats me lol.

I’m going to have to go with Tets. I personally like the crispness of the image and I’m fond of the colors, though I saw the other versions of that one you have up at TM and I think I liked another one better.

My only gripe with GuMz’ tag was the text, both the micro text and the “Taste the Thunder” text. Otherwise, I like the originality.

Eh must’ve been on my psp when I posted that. . .looked like it had 3 way lighting going on. . .but my psp is kind of shattered screen wise. . . . .

Could you host up the brushes/tell me how you do that?

(Gumz loves the tech pack)

yo ill just show you how to make sweet brush’s, our sprite battles is gonna be sick. better than all the others.

That’ll work. . .the only good brushes I’ve got right now are splatter brushes …

GuMz but tets looking good :tup:

i vote GuMz

of the entries i liked tetsus the most

so is this over?

Tough choice between tetsu and gumz. Went with Tetsu in the end.

Looks like it is… dood.