Vote Roshihikari for President of the Global 3rd Strike Community


Due to the overwhelming requests from the netizens of SRK, Roshihikari has decided to run for the the candidacy. Vote Roshihikari for president of the Global SFIII: Third Strike community.


Roshihikari for president of Earf.


I’m willing to support but I need to know who your running mate will be.


I support this, but that banner is false advertisement. It should have been more like this:


You’ve got my vote. Let me throw you a fundraiser.

One fundraiser with my friends and you’ll never need another cent.


just use kickstarter.


A number of people have already approached me seeking to be my running mate. Fujiwara is willing to come out of retirement to join me and I believe his experience will serve me well.

I believe that on my watch, the SFIII: Third Strike community can feel a little safer, a little more optimistic. Look at this face. This is the face of the SFIII: Third Strike community’s bright future.


Its like the bootie USA posters

I def would’ve guessed

roshi kari
roshi hi kari

Same ballot.



where is your birth certificate


Lets see you get support out in the West.

Obama came thru for a single speech all of 15 minutes… don’t worry about who Obama is. And Racked up 30$$ million out of the Bay Area.

Out here we do have a representative. A good choice. Player, fan of good games.

source, 25th fannyversary Capcom


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street fighter 2 good player fan

DRG . good
16 days ago


Watch til he says who he learned Yang from…

>>> Roshikari. <<<