Vote: Tetsu vs. Tag guy Round 3

aight round 3 of mine and tat guys tag battle.
state why you chose who you chose. :tup:


i vote tetsu…tat guys looks gross to me

i like his tag, the boarder and typo are ugly and the energy is uncontrolled a bit but the rest i like.

I vote tat guy,

tetsu Iori looks anorexic

lol you dumbass, thats not the whole sprite its blended into the backround/forground effects.
soupy go home. :arazz: haha

i can’t vote in the pure art thing because i don’t think i’m qualified at all about it. lol. too many things going around in that thing; makes my brain hurt.

anyway, this is a tough decision. but, i’m going to have to go with tetsu’s iori. the bright light is placed in a perfect spot (around iori’s hand). and i like how it’s all bright around iori’s hand, and then it gets progressively darker away from the hand. it is great work. :tup:

tat, i like yours A LOT. i’m being totally serious on this one. the thing is, i don’t understand why the all the pink is there. otherwise, i’d seriously have a hard time picking from yours and tetsu’s. i probably wouldn’t vote at all.

yea i see what ur sayin if he made it smaller a diff border diff font it would be a hell of a lot better and didnt sharpen his sprite so much

but i still like tetsu’z more

magenta and yellow are two colors that easily agree with each other

yeah, i don’t know. i guess i was expecting something closer to orange. -shrugs-

one thing tat, im confused on why you dont do lighting on your stock??
the light should be casted on to him from where the energy is, he is bright everywhere. you should darken the right side of him more and make the sprite softer, shit would look nice.

tets because his theme works, but tat’s doesn’t. im assuming you were focusing on the fire on his hand, so instead of that abstract monolith (btw looks very nice) in the background, work around the fire. thats my opinion

[COLOR=“Cyan”]testuAKA takes this one. His has way more control than Tatguys’. In tetsuAKA’s the energy effect is nicely focused in Iori’s hand and the lighting blends with it really well while Tatguy’s has energy coming from all over the place which seems too over the top and uncontrolled, almost as if the effect controls Tatguy rather than Tatguy controlling the effect. tetsuAKA’s sprite of Iori is fused better into the whole tag than Tatguy’s K’ sprite. tetsuAKA also has a better choice in his font and font positioning… dood.[/COLOR]