Vote: Tetsu vs. Tat guy (round 2)

vote for who’s you like best, give constructive crit if your gonna give any crit at all.
explain what causes your vote to sway towards me or Tat guy PLZ. :wink:

(im finishd with my tag now also tat guy.
just post it up, ill edit this post and put it up.)


Tat Guy:

Said I made one, and didn’t really like it. . .but whatever I spent all morning on this one. . .and am kind of ok with it… . . so I’ll use that one I guess. . . . . sorry if your in a hurry. . . .

(why does Firefox say ok is a misspelled word?. . .as well as Firefox itself. . )

Don’t list who did which tag.

Just take your names out and let us vote on which we like more.

Ok I like what I’ve got. . .it’ll probably lose, but I’m glad with it. . . . .

aigt cool, PM it to me real quick plz.
lol to be honest i knew you were working on it today, hehe i figured you wanted to make it your best, im actuall in no rush i just thought that would get your attention lol. :tup:

but they have two totally different styles were gunnah tell instantly

may the best tag win. :smokin:

Tetsu. It’s cleaner, and an all around better tag, IMO. Both are good though, so good work on both of your parts.

i vote tetsu bcuz his was the best tag

I’m not even going to open my mouth, seriously.


^lol i laughed to hard at this.

Should be in caps.

Tetsu. Other one looks a bit messy (I don’t see how the effects go with the sprite).


this time around, the decision is tougher to make.

i have to vote tetsu again, though. the makoto is just beautiful. the effects make her look alive, and it still looks she’s doing her dash punch. from the effects, you can visualize that she went from point A to point B.

tat, however, great job. i liked it a lot more than the broly one. still, the lighting makes fei long look like his legs are gone. but, i can see where you’re going with this. (kind of like charging in s-groove in cvs2?) looks like he’s charging his ki, or something. it’s really nice, but tetsu’s outdoes yours by a hair.

tat guy the text in yours is awful, but i say it is a step ahead from most of your stuff

gonna have to go with tetsu on this one

testuAKA again… dood.

mokoto actually has this move in "StreetFighter 4: Pure Love Baby"
the move is pretty sweet i must say.

tetsus. it is smoother,

those dots on tats just look weird to me.

*Does epic DBZ death scream. . … . *



haha. shall we have round 3 sir?