[VOTE] What Joystick Art is Better?

I’m not much of a video game person other than SF3. Which is why I don’t want characters and stuff like that as my joystick artwork.

Instead I’m opting for more interesting design ideas for the joystick.

I’m thinking of using this ‘crack lcd’ pic.


A camoflague design.

What do you guys think? If you have any ideas for my joystick art feel free to post some pics too, I’d appreciate it.

first picture is the same as the second.

That first ones pretty cool, I could see it working out well. But out of curiosity have you decided on a material or finish yet for the stick? Are you gonna go with a painted finish or a nicer looking wood with a stain. Those kinda things would make all the difference in which art would look better.

I think the camo would look nice on a black box with black buttons, but that first picture would work on damn near anything I would think which is why I chose it

thanks for letting me know.

Changed now.

Thanks for the input!

I was thinking of having it painted. Although a nice finish on the wood would look really nice depending on the artwork.

I agree on your black box/black buttons idea for the camo.

Cracked screen is much nicer imo.

How about the camo with a big Wu tang W in the middle?

Cracked LCD is kind of neat, but the camo is boring… maybe another style of print, though? I like where you’re going with this.

Cracked LCD is very cool idea.

cracked LCD ftw!, really cool design

cracked LCD looks neat

It really comes down to ease of finding the arcade stick.

Which scenario seems more likely to you: accidentally dropping your stick in a forest, or accidentally dropping your stick in a pile of damaged computer monitors?

Use the cracked screen design, man. It will save you all sorts of trouble in future.

I rofl’d :rofl:

Cracked lcd is a neat and different idea, but honestly, after you put the buttons and stick on it, will it still have the same effect? Just putting that out there.

Cracked LCD ftw
Just an idea: Maybe you can position the crack so that its origin coincides with where your stick will be. That will give the impression of the stick cracking out from the LCD

lol, thanks I’ll keep this in mind.

That’s a very cool idea, I’ll set up a template like this and will see how it would look.

Ya I hope to position the ‘crack’ in a spot where it would look most realistic.

PS: So my seller is going to have two templates done for me so that I can decide on which artwork to use. The 2 designs I’ve narrowed it down to are the cracked LCD design that was from this thread, or the pic of Pennywise:http://ui09.gamespot.com/264/pennywise.jpg

I’m leaning more towards the cracked LCD though.