Vote: ytwojay [LZT] vs Shade [EAG]



Voting: Give the number and a short description of your decision.

First to 10 wins, good luck Shade. :china:


Omg that is so beastly. It’s very hectic when u look at it first but as you keep staring at it, it all seems come in focus. Only thing i don’t like about it is the name placement.

#2 just looks very plain.

The first one has this giant orange pencil in the guy’s face, what’s up with that?

The second has a giant white pencil also in that guy’s face, what’s up with that?

I vote for 2, it’s bolder (as in the stock, bg, and typo all work together to achieve the bold look).


goin with #2: simple but effective.

#1 seems a bit too busy/clutered.

1# really hard to tell what the focus is. . .aty first I thought it was Prime, and even still I look at him first everytime. . .don’t get the c4d going over his head either. .

2#Simpler. . .but much easier to tell who your supposed to look at. . much cleaner overall. . .only complaint is the c4d you’ve got going down his face. . I couldn’t tell if you were going for that to me your light source or something else at first. .

My vote is for #2. .

I’m a fan of less and is more and there’s just too much going on in the #1 making it too cluttered for my taste.

My only grip with #2 us the font under hotshot could be a lot more clearer.

My vote will be #2… dood!

my vote is for numero dos[2] for gumz

first one is really busy a lil to busy

1 and 5, so far.

i vote for 2, it’s colors are more crisp and vibrant. 1 just has too much going on.


It looks more complexed and busier.


Easier on the eyes to me.

#1 just flows better for me for some reason.

i vote #2

better placements, and easier to see, nice bold colors

1 looks like i need to stare at it for a few minutes and cross my eyes to see something, is it a sailboat? 2 the bg is kinda dull but the fonts better, 2 but barely.

#2 for me

It just seems clearer and more vibrant

That’s 4, 9.

i vote #2. it’s more organized and pleasing to the yes than the hot mess that is #1. on #1, the black bar behind the autobot’s icon kills it hard, and there is nothing done to the text that is complimentary to the tag as a whole.

And that’s ten. I called it from the get go. Nice work, Jay. Congrats, and let’s do a part 2 soon, yo.

Good shit man, I thought you had it. And when I saw SunocO’s vote, I thought “fuck I hope I don’t get swept.”

And yeah, let’s run it back sometime. We gotta represent old school IMM =]

Nice job guys. :tup:
What fonts are being used in the Hotshot tag?