Vote: ytwojay [LZT] vs Shade [EAG]

i would have voted for ytwojay because there are too much distraction around grimlock making it hard to focus on him

^twojay won, shade was the first one.
goddamn shade as a design that shit is just insane, but it was a transformers battle so :\

The main font is “REZ” and the smaller font in the BG is “fragments of eder.” You can grab both off of I put the psd up in the repository if you want to take a look at it:

Missed the voting… but nice work.

I don’t see how #2 is simple though. There’s a lot going on in both of them.

yes i know that, read again.

the distribution of color in the 2nd one isn’t as chaotic as the first one, which has way too many light blotches everywhere.

I blame it on the current location of the moon, in relation to my current position in my chair. I was thrown off, I tell ya.

Great! Thanks. :tup:

Great stuff.