Voting Ends on the 15th!

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Holy shit i gotta hurry! ima vote A3, but only if apoc gives me a donut/

Man, fuck this. It doesn’t even matter anymore… We needed 100 people to sign up and pay for the game right? I mean it doesn’t look like any side tournys this year. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

seriously? gah. im hurt.

According to the Staus page, the games with the most votes are:

  1. Alpha 3 (55 votes)
  2. CFJ (45 votes)
  3. KOF2002 (43 votes)

The games with the most paid votes are:

  1. KOF2002 (9 paid votes)
  2. Vampire Savior (8 paid votes)
  3. MKD/SC2 (7 paid votes)

Sorry, not gonna happen. In one week you wont get 100 votes, let alone 100 paid votes.

Its specially funny considering Tekken Tag has 47 votes total (less than Alpha 3) and only 8 paid votes (less than KOF2002), but thats going in anyway.

Time Stop - Ive been complaining about that for awhile. Its that TTT got 100 last year, so theyre keeping it as a “safe” game to have.
Oh well.

They should have something new instead of the same old games. Put KOF 2002 AND SF Alpha 3 Instead TTT and GGX.

so the game with the most paid votes will win?

Please say yes

BTW I got a new stick for PS2 and KOF works great. KOF in PS2 is cool

huh? I thought you hated the ps2 version.

can someone give me the link that gives the voting status please? thanks

yeah, but we didnt have a choice.

Looks like KOF2k2 is leading the paid games with 9, followed by Vampire Savior with 8.

This is so fuckin’ rediculous. We are no way in hell going to be able to get any side games what so ever. Face it guys, it’s a thing of the past now. The stakes are just way too high. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

I Hope So Too Bro even though I am using a Controller and Not a Stick Come On KOF Players.

MvC2 King - you know GGXX #R is the 2nd most recent game in the tourney, right?
You know, cause T5 just came out and is already seems so set in stone that theyre releasing a patch for it?

dammit, that was my main tournament was kof.AFJADGNBWRE.


=( oh nossss!!! i think we should at least have A3,since its LV after all! :wink::tup:

Paid Entries for MVC2 = Fifteen.

Game with most Paid Entries = 3s, with forty-three (not even half of the 100 asked for other games).

I will register 10-15 players by friday.

For KOF ofcourse.


Guys, you did read at the bottom of the page, that the staff can add any game AT THEIR DISCRETION, regardless of votes, right? and in that case, you wouldn’t get a refund, since the game was going to be played. So, ballz up and pay for your game, even if it won’t look like it will get to 100. I’m sure as long as one or two games beats TTT in turnout, they’ll play it. I can’t believe they made TTT guarunteed and not SC2.