Voting Results and Update for the AE: Cabinet Arriving End of March


Hey everyone,

So I have been pretty horrible at getting these actually posted up, but the results were sent to Bill and he has the parts ordered and ready for updating the cabinet for when the new game comes. It should be arriving around the end of March.

So here is how the votes turned out:

The Results and the Top 8-

In all there were 38 suggestions and 25 people voted. Since everyone was given 8 votes, I felt it would be best to highlight the top 8 suggestions as the most important for what we would like to see on the AE cab when sending these to Bill.

Vote Tally:

Top 8-
19 - Sanwa JLF sticks with Sanwa buttons
16 - Button layout matching the first 6 of a TE/Button Layout matching a vewlix cabinet
14 - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo as the side cabinet
11 - A prominent spot in the arcade where spectators can clearly see and hype matches
11 - Monthly tournaments
10 - Marvel Vs Capcom 2 as a side cabinet
10 - A short chair/stool for each cabinet.
9 - Cab modded to accommodate sitting down

8 - A port for HDMI, DVI or VGA output for hooking up to streaming
7 - A coin holder in a convenient place that does not disturb players
7 - Ball top joystick
6 - Additional fighting games adjacent to the cabinets for people waiting through long rotations
5 - Sticks with square gates
5 - The same setup as before but with the buttons closer to the sticks.
5 - An available plug ideally nearby for charging cameras
5 - Drink special arranged with bar for drinks/a specific drink for a specified night of the week
4 - A prominent sign displaying the phone number for maintenance and instructions to call when maintenance is required
4 - Stripper pole
3 - Cup holders that perfectly fit the glasses Acme uses
3 - Bat top joystick
3 - Placement and height of controls matching the vewlix cabinet
3 - Quick Disconnects for buttons and a wiring harnesses
3 - A single coin holder for both cabinets
3 - Leader-board rankings
2 - Multicolored and numbered slots on coin holder to keep track of your place
2 - Garbage can and recycling located in the arcade
2 - Cab opens for maintenance similar to VLX Premium
1 - USB inputs for plugging in TE sticks
1 - Swappable joystick tops to accommodate player preference
1 - Street Fighter II Hyper fighting as a side cabinet
1 - Controls centered in the middle of the control panel for each display
1 - A plexiglass top designed to be easily removable to swap out art generated by the community
1 - A place clearly designated for posting tournament fliers on the cabinet
1 - A place clearly designated for posting tournament fliers in the arcade
1 - Cup holders below the controls where coin slots are
0 - American joystick and American convex buttons
0 - A small discreet notch to hang a clipboard on when running tournaments so it doesn’t get misplaced
0 - A coin holder with a slide-able arrow/marker to point to who is next

Votes for a suggestion/number of people voting
19 votes : 75% - Sanwa JLF sticks with Sanwa buttons
16 votes : 64% - Button layout matching the first 6 of a TE/Button Layout matching a vewlix cabinet
14 votes : 56% - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo as the side cabinet
11 votes : 44% - A prominent spot in the arcade where spectators can clearly see and hype matches
11 votes : 44%- Monthly tournaments
10 votes : 40% - Marvel Vs Capcom 2 as a side cabinet
10 votes : 40% - A short chair/stool for each cabinet.
9 votes : 36% - Cab modded to accommodate sitting down

As I mentioned before, Bill has ordered the parts and I will be heading down once the update arrives to work with his techs and make sure the layout matches the a TE setup and is spaced right. Although the cab cannot be modified to a sit down, Bill is looking into getting stools that are the right height. ACME has a policy that no free floating seats or tables can be in the arcade, so solutions to that are being considered.

ST Board:

Currently Bill is looking for an American ST board for a Super Turbo setup that would go with the new cabinet. If anyone knows someone with an ST board they are looking to sell or could part with, it would be a huge help if you could let Bill know so we can actually have a regular arcade Super Turbo setup in an arcade again.

What happened to the Third Part?

I had initially wanted a to have a final third part of the voting process where people could refine ideas before we sent them off, but after looking at the results and realizing more about how that process would go, I realized that it was out of order. Once people vote, the decisions are done. Any altering or merging of people’s suggestions (even slightly) would change what people voted for in the first place, and needed to be done before votes were cast. I had imagined only small changes to a few of the more popular ideas, but I realized that there was no way to guarantee this or reach consensus on any changes without another vote. So I apologize to anyone who was looking forward or planning to be more involved in the last step. In the future, I will order the process more efficiently.


Shout outs to Brent for being awesome.




Many, many thanks go out to Brent as he has been our savior.

Latest news, since one of the two cabs is in the shop already, I think it’s time to have Brent come down and set up the stick/button layout specs, and we will get started. So then will only have to upgrade the second cabinet, and we will pull that in a few days before the upgrades get here. this way, the game should be at Acme within 48 hours of the time we recieve the kits. The kits are leaving Japan on March 25th, and air freight will get them here in 3 days unless they get pulled for customs. :slight_smile:


You are so dope! Can’t wait to play this stuff. Good shit to Brent and of course Bill for making this happen!


Awesome news, can’t wait till then. I was a little curious though, I thought that the board you ordered was an all in one board so people can play a 2P game without having two full dedicated machines, is that not the case here?


I guess we could have it all in one cabinet, but the plan was to to still run the two cabinets. Would everyone prefer that, or would it be better with the two players on one cabinet? Opinions welcome, as it is not too late to set it up for two players/one cabinet.


If it’s on the same showcase cab that SF4 was on then there should be enough real estate to comfortably fit 2P. I personally don’t mind either way, but I feel like 2 showcase cabs take up a lot of room and Bill could easily earn more money by setting up another cabinet instead (possibly another FG).

Brent, maybe it’s worth it to set up a poll for this.


IMO SSFIV AE on one of the showcases, ST on whatever cab they have setup with sanwa for it (not sure) and then another fighter on the second showcase would be sick…it would be awesome to vote on a game for the second showcase…