ok first to five this is how u vote

i vote for “SO & SO” bcuz it was the best



good luck kidder


I vote for kidzero, the colors go well together and it also has an overall “clean” look.

[COLOR=“Blue”]KidZero gets my vote. Not only does it all blend perfectly, it actually looks like an “official” skin made by Capcom or Sony (the nickname and PS logo help with that). Plus the blue color is easier on my eye (:rofl: I only have one good one) and :lol: GuMz spelled “Katamari Damacy” wrong. Good work from both of you… dood.[/COLOR]

lol i didnt notice that but yea lookin at it now i dont like the way mine came out it hurts my eyes wtf was i thinkin?

Nice GuMz. I haven’t played Katamari. Looks funny. :looney:

play it u’ll play fo hoursssssssssss

katamari is dope but that megaman one is too killer.
kidzero takes me vote.

lol at the demacy :slight_smile:

I vote for Gumz because it was the best

KZ-cleaner and better flow/not random

KZ cause it would work better as a PSP wall because it’s clean.

so kid wins

i vote for kidzero because i am a megaman fanboy

Good job GuMz.
Keep up the good work buddy. :tup:

If anyone wants to sport mine on your PSP, I can change the “Nickname” to your nick or whatever.

I VOTE GUMZ!! my gf liked it =D. If i had to go from my opinion…i like megaman, but i like katamari