VOTING TIME! SRK Old school Draw Off!

SO HERE WE GO. vote for your favorite (Remember you can’t vote for yourself). The winner gets one picture request from anyone who entered! Voting ends in a week from Monday! Best of luck!

Chainwhore “Lee”

Chainwhore “Mike vs Retsu”

CptMunta “Gen”

Deranged Zombie “Birdie”

Dreaded Fist “Geki”

Dr Spr0cter “Retsu”

Genryusai “Retsu”

Glass “Mike vs Ryu”

Kandoken “Eagle”

Rook “Gen Vs Lee”

The rules were:

THEME: Street Fighter 1
You can choose any character from the Street Fighter 1 universe this includes Birdie Gen etc… But Have to draw them as they were back then. As if Street Fighter 2 onwards never existed. So that means birdie’s white, Pre scared Sagat. Ryu with those god awful slippers etc…

Black and White with no CG:
A scanned Black and white sketch. Inking is allowed but NO computer touch up.

Prize: The winner will be decided by vote. And the prize is the winner can request a picture drawn by anyone else who entered the contest. Of course you can’t vote for yourself.

NOTE: If you want your art removed you can PM me. DERANGED ZOMBIE: I had to edit the text. I’m not sure on SRK’s policy when it comes to swearing PM me if you object.

omg, i seriously can not make a decision. ahhhhhhhhh damn such good work. mannnnn, Dreaded Fist gets my vote.

LOL… SRK has a long history of flaming ppl (started from its newsgroup roots), I don’t think that will be an issue :slight_smile:

good luck everyone!

btw vote to Chainwhore’s Mike vs Retsu… heavy blacks rock :slight_smile:

Man, it’s a tough one for me… it’s either Rook, DZ, or Sprocter… phew, I can’t decide.

These are all excellent. Such a tough choice. I particulary love Dreaded Fist’s sketch, it’s awesome. But Both CHAiNwhore and rook have really well drawn pics… Congratulations to whoever wins, but it’s going to be close.

All the work up here is just incredible. Major props to everyone who put their stuff.
I’m just loving it. I really had a very hard time between Chainwhore’s work
and then Deranged Zombie’s work. DZ you got my vote. It was tough but to be honest
with everyone—for some reason, DZ’s line work gets me everytime. You know what though,
Chainwhore…yer shit should be a monthly manga or something man. I’d be a loyal reader/
subscriber if it were. Peace!


I gave it to CW’s Lee. Close call between Rook, DZ, and CW. Everything was wellexecuted. Overall dfist has the best pose and layout, but you didn’t finish off as well as the others. Overall great job to everyone.

And the Winner Is:

:clap: Rook! :clap:

So the rules state that Rook can ask any of the other artist that took part in the challenge to draw him a picture as a prize!

We’ll done man. And well done to everyone who drew a picture for this old school challenge! All the entries were outstanding!

Keep On Trucking!

holy cow! congrats Rook!

damn shame I didn’t know about this earlier, I need to hit up the art threads more often!