VOTING TIME:: TAT GUY aND GuMz ::::: 2 OUT OF 3 :::::



Tat Guy

wouldnt it make more sense if you both submitted at the same time that way we wouldnt have to wait on voting


but i made the poll public to see who votes b4 the sigs are posted

That brush in the top right corner. I have that tech set too! :smiley:

lol i got it in a set of 300 brushes lol

ok voting can start

I’m tingling with anticipaction . .or maybe that’s cause I shattered my hand. . .

Tat guy, do you even know what the fuck you’re doing when you make a tag / av?

Damn guy.

We both already have our answer to that question . . . so why must you ask it?

Because I pounded it into you not to do that shit but you keep doing it anyway.

Seriously, are you just taking stocks and throwing them ontop of free renders and calling it a tag? I mean at least get the colors right before you start running off doing tag battles and shit.

Throwing stocks over a render? . . . .wait. . . maybe that could work . . .thx Chibi. . .

Go ahead and play the fool, but then wonder why you’ve only got one vote so far.

Cause it sucks of course. . . don’t worry Mister Chibi though. . . .I’m tired of my work as well. . . .so I’ll just improve forfor the hell of it. . .

nice shit gumz voted for ya and ILL SEE YOU AT THE TOURNY :rofl:

imma steal you’re ps skillz and take em for me

YOU SOUL IS MINE :rofl::rofl:

All these Av/tag/sig battles all of a sudden…and gumz is in nearly all of them lol

Eh I concede. . .no more need to vote guys. . and gals. . . looks like the white man loses again. .actually I think I gonna let the Tat guy account die. . .and go back to full power Ribu. . .

lol see u there dude i’ll be the big mexican kid lol prolly screaming annoying up a storm lol

foreal though lol

Brown FTW.

I’d be careful if I were you. . . .I’m at full power now. . .

/that was stupid as hell. . .

eh… voted tat guy even though it’s not close to his best.

It just has better blending and the other looks incomplete. Both are pretty generic, you guys can do better.

edit: oh, were we done here…

Why single out Tat Guy when Gumz just compiled some tech and grunge brushes with almost no blending? Don’t act like Tat Guy is so much worse just because his technique is more advanced. Both sigs are pretty close in quality.