Vs Alex

Seems to me this match is always harder than it should be. I’ve uploaded some vids, please look at them and give me some pointers, maybe missed opportunities or things I shouldn’t be doing.

2 things though. 1 these were online matches so there is some obvious execution errors due to lag, you don’t need to point these out. …and 2, I don’t usually save replays of me loosing. I win in most of these but could still use some help with the matchup because I loose it more than I should.


well, far hk is pretty good against alex as is back fierce. etc etc.

but I only watched the first video, I would suggest to not ever just raw hazanshu, and to stop doing her df hk flip kick so much, its easy to parry on reaction and incredibly unsafe.

and be less trigger happy on supering…but this is online so maybe on your end you saw the crouching forward hit?

sorry i cant be more helpful, i rarely play alexs

EDIT: I didnt see it happen in the first vid, but if the alex starts getting stomp happy, just neutral jump>whatever strength kick

Pretty much every alex player online goes for stomp tramps, those are easy to deal with. (IE in the first vid, I read it and air throw him back in the corner and use back fierce into ex-sbk on his wake up) Though not shown, that particular Alex player (Aste Risk xd) has learned that I do that, so he’ll use a wake up super after the airthrow if he has meter. I play him a lot though. It works well vs other Alex’s that I don’t play like every day.

no offense but you need to play with some kind of gameplan cause it looks like you’re just doing whatever move you feel like at any given moment, which works to a certain degree cause Chun has a bunch of good moves. You’re doing a bunch of moves that expose you to unnecessary risk. There’s almost no reason for a Chun player to be anywhere closer than kara throw range against Alex, and stuff like sbk or havanshu are pointless. you should be playing mainly reactive and defensive with Chun, especially against Alex.

I think you need to take a closer look at your normals and understand the appropriate time to use each of them. Things like point blank c.mp and fp is a poor use of your normals.

^^^it’s funny you say that because often I feel like my chun li is way too predictable.

Which moves are exposing me? I’m asking for help, (not trying to sound defensive) so by all means please be specific.

What kind of game plan would you recommend? I mean what should I be looking for to react to?

edit: I assume you only watched the first video? I rewatched it so I would know exactly know what you were talking about. those low mp’s are actually used as bait (and as a reset when it hits, which you can see me doing later in the video)

I watched the 1st and 4th and I’m not really sure what you’re talking about as far as using it as a reset or a bait.

c.mp’s main advantage over c.mk is it has slightly farther range. Otherwise its slower and can’t be canceled, and if you want to do a low move up close, you might as well use the move that you can cancel into something in case it gets parried.

Look at the matchup in terms of where each character is most threatening. Alex can only hurt Chun when he’s pretty much in her face. In your case, you can deal damage up close, but if you’re near the edge of your c.mk range, you can still land super, kara throw, and have a wide array of good normals that are still effective at this range, while Alex’s only options are dash in, jump, and mk. You only need to look out for 3 things while Alex is still afraid of almost your entire arsenal (and bonus, even if he parries a fp or c.mk from this range his punish doesn’t hurt that much)

Holding this position will make Alex come to you and expose himself to damage. By running at him, you’re doing all the hard work of closing the gap for him. Why put yourself in a position where Alex has even footing with you when you can distance him and have a huge advantage?

-Get solid at punishing Alex’s dash ins
-Mix in some forward taps (parry attempts) when you’re at the range only his mk can hit
-Master Chun’s kara throw
-Learn to reversal blocked ex slash elbow with sa2 (there’s probably other things you can reversal punish but I’m not a chun main)

…and you’ll be on the right track to owning Alex. It’s not much a problem of predictability as it is a problem of exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

^^^Im sure his sweep is super punishable as well.

First I want to thank you for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.

I’m fairly good at doing both mk & rh kara throws offline, as well as low mk into super. However online, I can rarely consistently get mk kara. If I hit confirm low mk there is about a 50% chance that rollback will say I didn’t actually hit and they’ll just be blocking my super for a free punish. I try to avoid using it.

Also I’ve tried playing keep away Alex, and it usually fails. I get hit with a random ex shoulder dash or something stupid.

A couple observations from the round or two I watched

Hazanshu- forget you have it (this isn’t sf4 the move is for the most part ass in this game)

df rh- forget you have it (same as above)

And you sure do like pressing buttons

That’s why I said learn to reversal that move on block. Alex’s use that move to catch people mindlessly spamming moves to build meter. Once you stop whiffing moves without fear and show you can punish that move consistently your opponent will stop doing it, or lose cause they are giving you free supers.

And wow, Alex’s c.rh is -15 on block. You can punish it with lots of shit lol

Wait, someone actually has trouble against Alex as Chun? Because he needs to guess to get in on her. Her HK/Throw OS kinda’ fucks him up.