Vs Alex's stungun

A guy told me yesterday that alex can get a guaranteed stungun on hugo by just doing his shoulder attack and then canceling it to stungun. when I blocked it, I could’t get out of it and even when I parried he got me. don’t now what happens if he hits me and then does stungun, cause that didn’t happen.

But is it really true that it’s guaranteed? because, that would be fucking broken!

There is an older thread around here that talked about that. It mentions something about using a perfectly timed short Backbreaker to grab him out of it. dont remember the specifics of it, though. I think you can jab him out of it, as well, but dont quote me on that…

id say its about 70% successfull…but its alex dont fear such a weak dude

the easiest way to get out of it is just to do a standing jab, or u can also do an ex close line, whoever told u its a guaranteed hit its full of shit. also u can do megaton press if ur using that super, short megaton.

shit, i forgot to tell u, all of this gotta be fucking quick. if u wait just a little bit ur gonna get trapped by it.

For a defended/hit/parried slash elbow, followed by stun gun:
Reversal short shootdown backbreaker or short megaton press, gets alex in mid-air (forward or rh gets you INTO the super, so always go with short)

For a whiffed slash elbow, you can just whiff a lariat or jump/SJ and attack as soon as the super flash fades (strong, short or forward are more guaranteed)

Well timed jab, or head launch (down+fierce) is risky, but can do the trick too

the fear setup is when the alex player do the BnB combo, with strong flash chop. The block stun is so big, that a cancelled stun gun will almos always get you, only reversal short backbreaker/megaton can take you out of this

and, when you get hit by a slash elbow in the air, a cancelled strong stun gun WILL get you(this is valid for all characters, except the twins and ibuki - maybe fierce stun gun gets to them, haven’t tested), so, try not to jump back a lot, hehe

hope it helps