vs. any shotos

Any tips for this matchup? It doesn’t seem like I can really do anything that they can’t just DP out of.

slow down ur game play maybe also you can try stay out of DP range and when if whiffs you can Cr.MK or Cr.MP then pinwheel or whatever. Empty Jump ins can help since once you land you can block straight away.

In addition, j.FP can beat DPs if timed and aimed properly(right on their head).

i find j.fap hard to aim unless there not moving much.

I go for it after a knockdown of some sort, like sweep or ex fireball. I don’t think the proper range and stuff can be made after a back throw, though; dash puts you too close and walking forward doesn’t get you close enough(at least in my experience).

I find U2 is more reliable in match ups where the character has a constant panic button otherwise known as the dragon punch. With the FSE they have the option to of just mashing DP on wake up or whatever so you have to surrender pressure a lot which isn’t what you want to do with U1! U2 has decent set ups I suggest you look into and its great to go for the assured damage on those chars.

You got to know how to surrender pressure in order to bait out DP attempts then whiff punish. They take a huge risk when doing it and you get to let them know that.

Played a bunch of shotos today. Akuma destroyed me so I’ll have to work on that matchup, the wake up games were too good.

At 3/4 of the screen, you should be dive kicking fireballs on reaction. Too far will get you DPed, you can do it up close too. Ideally you wanna hang out at 3/4 screen because you can dive kick ankles and make it safe if you actually screwed up.

You should always anti-air, that goes without question. After anti-air C.MP, you may be tempted to jump forward. If you can, great. But it’ll lose to neutral jump - anything.

Play patiently and play the fireball / footsie game. If you score a knockdown with sweep or EX fireball, feel free to rush in. crossup J.LK will beat SRKs. But once you get pushed out of range, don’t get greedy and jump back in.

There’s a couple setups I want to experiment with that I’m not completely sure about. Ken did F+MK - C.MK - C.MK and I think that my S.MK beat his third C.MK. I think it also beats step kicks done after close fireballs… but it’s all stuff that I need to experiment with.

I don’t know how you’re getting beat by DPs, you’re gonna have to identify when that happens. I’m guessing that you have a loose blockstring and they mash out a DP counter.

Tips vs shoto.

Depending on the shoto of course, but for the most part…

Using FSE: Most players fear FSE because they dont understand it. Those players will jump back upon start up. Ex high Fuhajin. On jump back they will eat 2 hits. On a DP if you spaced it right it should beat Non EX DP’s, and if they’re invincible you should be safe. If they they just block…its cool. You have them where you want them. Carefully get in. They wanna keep you out. Dont change your gameplay but realize what has opened up. You’re normals can now be cancelled into any special. ALL OF THEM. Poking with a far hk? dont forget to ex sempusha. But for the most part, dont run in willy nilly. With a fuhajin store you’re dangerous. You can use one on wake up to fish out mashout’s and hit confirm into untechable knock downs. you can Fuzzy cross up in the corner and pressure. You can overhead combo. You can juggle and reset now with dash unders.
As kain said, be patient. Anti air always. Remember, you can cancel c.mp. You should always store fuhajin after a c.mp/c.hp. Take note on what your opponent is doing. I catch a lot of players off guard with an immediate release, or hold on to it for the future.

If you anti air with j.mp you can activate fse and go into cross up’s and go for untechable knock downs. When you get these you can store fuhajin and continue pressure. If not, sc.hp for the juggle and ex sempusha for the ender. If no ex, lk sempusha.

From 3/4ths the screen you can neutral jump and react to fireballs. From half screen you can see a fireball coming, short jump over them and dive kick. 3/4ths the screen I like to fireball war. I know I shouldn’t…but its fun. Ha. I like Ex low fuhajin as it goes under fireballs. You can then jump over and dive kick for a 3 hit combo. YOu gotta throw the ex fuhajin out first, see the fireball coming after, then do it.

Dont dive kick willynilly. DP’s MURDER this in so many ways. If you dive kick, you better have a reason for it.

Most shotos have a hard time with her anti air options and pokes. Her st.mk beats their gawlike c.mk sometmies. Far HK gives them some problems on fireball start up and jump attempts. Footies is in your favorite for distance, not walk speed.

If Kaisendankairaku: J.mp is your friend. Most shotos like to jump in for pressure once you’ve shown them mid screen you kill them. If you can hit this, free ultra. Remember, if you can hit c.mk xx fuhajin release you can fadc or ex focus attack lvl2 straight into ultra 2. Any DP should not go unpunished. Any silly Hurricane kick should be punished. Of course ex dive works, but use this only if you know its gonna work. lol. Obviously. I dont like the ex dive kick to ultra 2 setup. Thats just me. Its fickle.

I personally dont like Kaisendankairaku unless the level of the player is low. reason being they’re more likely to mash when FSE is on, and kaisen punishes this.

This will teach you to get your j.lk’s DEEP. Shotos can’t beat a cross up j.lk, however they can beat a high j.lk cross up with a mash out dp. remember this. You wanna aim for their knees.

Ken’s step kick gets beat by juri’s st.mp. Play with it.

My personal tricks…

vs ryu’s on a reset I like to store lk fuhajin after anti air c.mp. Walk forward out of throw range but in DP range. I find a lot of ryu’s like to DP after this. C.mk fuhajin release fadc punish. The same goes for J.mp. You can dash under or dash forward, or walk forward. You can bait a few DP’s like this.

When a shoto is in the corner they wanna jump out. This is when your Ultra 2 comes in handy. Wait for it. They will want to jump tatsu out, or jump attack out. Be patient and use pokes to keep them in. Once you see them go up. early J.mp and ultra clean. If FSE just use a juggle.

To end a round I like to surprise them with Kasatushi. Identify which one to use, but remember…you have ex and you can adjust the angle. You should use this sparingly, but it could be the hail mary to get in that you need.

When you’re knocked down vs a shoto if you see a safe jump, BLOCK. Dont try and be the hero. I’m not saying block everything, but during a meaty jump in after you’re knocked down Ex Sempusha is not the time. You WILL be punished.

I like to pressure Shoto characters in the corner. I like to bully them around a bit. I like strings (that are not safe) like j.mk, c.mk fuhajin release (Hit confirm). If Blocked I go into c.mp xx fuha store. If I’m feeling risky I try again. If Not i sit back a bit and try and fit that fuha release in and go for overhead or kara throw. Be careful for DP mash out. If they do, they wont do it again after you punish.

If you’re ever scared of a dp mash out remember you have the advantage after a fuhajin release and can go right into a safe combo like C.mp fuha store. If you’re feeling risky store 2 fuhajin during you’re corner game. If C.mp fuha store hits, store the mk fuha while he gets up and let it go immediately. If they block low it sails over them. You’re free to go into more pressure.

Of course this can all be used against anyone, but safe strings in the corner with traps vs shoto works well. They mash at the wrong times because they dont know how juri works.

I’m ranting…have a good one wall

thats what kills me about juri. you score a knockdown and you have to bait or do a empty jump in. they score a knockdown and your blocking for ten seconds straight

thats the beauty of playing juri baiting and slow playing and punishing be patient and there will be a opening for you to punish. If you play your zoning/footsie and using block sting to store fireballs / overhead once in awhile more and more opening will appear. Also if you get someone dizzied i find doing focus attack then walking forward (No Dash) and once there about to hit the around Croching light kick the dash under for a mix up. The reason for not dashing after the focus is it makes it look like you failed to land a comboso higher chance of landing a reset if you dont land it you can blockstring to store fireball or Blockstring to kara throw.

Most shoto get beat by deep cross ups. You usually can stuff a dp with that. Do it a few times, they’ll stop.

In the corner you can start putting pressure on someone. Juri has really good corner pressure with her fuhajin release and storing. Mixing it up, you can really confuse someone.

ive noticed when ryu tries to wakeup with a dp i can time jumping fierce to beat him clean, but with ken because of his arc it doesent seem to work. is there something im missing is that not an option with ken?