Vs Bison Thread

Sorry, I looked around and couldn’t find anything on Bison (Dictator). Could someone explain this match up to me? I really don’t know how to punish any of Bison’s stuff. If someone could link me to already posted material, I’ll close this topic.

Wow, this is has been here for a half a month and still not answer? Does no one know how to fight Bison with Abel?

All I know is that from the videos I’ve seen:

  1. Abel should try to Falling Sky the Devil"s Reverse
  2. Abel cannot Falling Sky the Head Stomp.

If anyone has any more info, please post.

i hate him

I get wrecked by many able players. (I play dictator) Here is what they do that totaly messes with me.

  1. Get in bison face. Use standing forward and dash into crouching jab, short setups. If the bison player blocks this immediatly go for the tornado throw. Its basically a tick throw set up. Also get use to doing tornado throw from roll. Most people will try to thow or teck your throw attempt after roll. Tornado throw beats this for free.

  2. Bison is very easily crossed up. Do this with jumping forward link that into the compo that allows you to ex cancel in the elbow that puts you in the juggle state. Careful if bison has meter, he will most likely Ex Crusher to get away.

  3. Focus bison pokes and when you have meter use EX CoD to go through the pokes and use your sick juggle and reset combos.

I dont play abel so the info I gave you may sound totally loopy. [media=youtube]Z8d448c-KkM"[/media] of an abel player who destroyed me at a recent tournament (I am not the bison in this match, but I could not find video of me getting rocked by abel.)

Actually, this has been talked about extensively in the match up thread.

Long story short is Bison is a pain in the butt for Abel if the Bison knows what’s going on. Bision’s standing hard kick can stuff most of Abel’s everything.

@buyproduct - What you’re suggesting is just basic Abel tactics. And some of it doesn’t necessarily work (Bison can get out of Abel’s cross-up game pretty easily with his Psycho Crusher). Thanks anyways.

@moopie - I tried looking through the matchup thread for Bison advice, but that topic was just way too long and I really didn’t want to go through and filter out all the Bison stuff. If you could direct me to where exactly in the matchup thread the Bison discussion is, that would be appreciated.

:lol: I don’t exactly where it is off the top of my head and I don’t want to go through it all either for the same reasons you stated, sorry.

bisons sweep is annoying me: any suggestions beyond blocking it?

a few tricks (like how you can c.mp balrog out of his charges, or s.mp blanka out of his balls) would help out a ton.

So tomorrow I’m going to get some practice time against a good bison player. I have very little experience with this matchup. does anyone have any advice so I don’t totally embarrass myself?

I’m no expert so just take this stuff as opinion. I try really hard to not be in your face with bison because he has so many stupid pokes that it just becomes a pain for abel. Just play a zoning game and punish whenever you get the chance to. If he’s in the air a lot try jumping hk and I think that should do pretty well against his jumping mp or any of his jumping kicks. I’m sure you can FS his DR and the 2nd part of his headstop but I doubt it’s really reliable. You can focus his slide but don’t focus too much because psycho crusher is a focus breaker and sc kicks are 2 hits (usually). If he s.hk’s a lot you can try to focus and dash in for a TT or into f.mk->whatever.

This is all stupid basic stuff but yeah.

Rush him(dont be too reckless though) when he has no meter, cross him up, TT his ass (that hurts him a lot). After blocking his scissor kick combo, you can sneak in a s.lk to interrupt his momentum.

I think after blocking his sweep you can punish with cr,lp/cr.lk and that can be linked to a st.mp/hp.

Air to air, basic stuff j.hp/hk/mk.

If he loves throwing s.hk pokes, ive caught that with a counter hit c.mk into CoD. Or you can focus.

If the dictator is dumb enough to randomly do headstomp, backdash or walkback and TT.

EX CoD is useful too, in poke range or after blocking a scissor kick combo.

All in all, I say it depends on the playstyle of the dictator you’re playing, ive played those who love to do psycho crusher(ex) on wakeup to escape, some teleport, some ex headstomps etc… You just have to know his options and how to deal with that on reaction or if he’s not that good, he’ll have a pattern and you can capitalize on that, for example if after a blocked scissor kick combo he always throws a poke, next time you can be ready with ex. tt or ex. cod or try to beat that with ur s.lk (shit damage but it can break the momentum if he was rushing you)


in case anyone cares. I warmed up with the guy’s roommate for about 20 matches, which i won about half of (maybe over half actually) and I was feeling pretty good despite making several execution mistakes (per match… i suck)

then mr bison shows up and dusts me for an hour. He was a good player. He seconds abel which made the match all the harder.

Tactics he was crushing me with:
1.very effective pokestrings which would lead to a throw if i wasn’t careful, and he’d hit my jump away with a s.hk. (or a scissor)

  1. several times I got a knockdown he’d just crusher out of my mixup attempts.

  2. he’d often neutral jump on my wakeup- which i kept falling for and trying to tt. I really need a better wakeup tactic

  3. he was very very conservative with his sweep, using it maybe once every two matches. I don’t think he used a headstomp once, though he was fond of using the scissor it was almost always as the end of a combo.

basically he just outplayed me on every level. my extt was about the only tactic i had that worked decently. he was outpoking my pokes too (except for a few times I could land the f+mk -> TT)

he did suggest, as hfz did, that i use the c.mk against the s.hk, but my reactions were never fast enough.

one thing is for certain: its a totally different game when played offline.

final score against him was roughly 21-1

Just going to add that so far Bisons footsies rape my Abel and I don’t see a f’n way to do anything about Aerial camping. He can double HARD kick you from almost max range of the focus and take a huge chunk off your life (+stun), since you’re focusing that’s 400+at least 100 I’m guessing, sooo 500 damage? Albeit a mistake it’s an example if you’re really trying to get in what he can do (outside of other obv options).

Wtf is double hard kick? If he’s hitting you TWICE while you are trying to focus his kick then you are obviously doing it wayyyy too slow

just thought of commenting on some of the dic’s tactics:

  1. be patient when blocking his strings and stay alert for tick throws attempts… after a scissor kick you can sneak in a s.lk or if he likes to poke with s.mk/hk after a scissor kick, lk roll into TT/normal throw works sometimes. or ex CoD, but then you’re fucked if he jumped away after the scissor kick and you’ll eat a combo haha…

  2. yeah, the dictator at my local arcade loves to crusher out after he got knocked down… you can bait that and block it and punish it (depending on range, sometimes its nearly unpunishable if he ends up too far away esp if he backdashed immediately after recovery)… maybe the best thing to do on his wakeup is just be prepared to block and punish whatever he’s trying to do :rofl:

  3. lol falling for neutral jump all the time sucks ( i know the feeling )… wake up TT is not really a good wakeup option against dictator… ex TT has its uses but you better off just blocking or maybe rolling… but yeah, blocking sounds good to me. heh

anyway cr.mk-ing dictator’s s.hk is mad hard. i feel bad for even suggesting that. :confused:

yeah i went into training mode last night to try that c.mk counter, no dice… his hard kick does way more damage and hit me more often than I could successfully counter. definitely not going to be a good option for me, so I’ll practice focusing it instead i guess… or just blocking even more.

EX CoD is your friend. :slight_smile: but dont abuse it or you’ll eat a double knee press :sweat:

Guess it’s better to revive an old thread than to make a new one, so I’ll ask here.

Is teleport entirely safe on wake-up? Like, can I interrupt it with a cross up? If not, what can I do to stop him from just resetting the match with it

abel has some really good OS vs bison. For example, try ending your CoD x c.HP with a sweep x HK.roll, j.mk crossup HP FS OS. the OS FS grab’s devil’s reverse right out of the sky. headstomp misses you giving you free punish, he can’t psyco crusher cause of the charge timing. if he didn’t reversal, then he’s blocking and your FS won’t come out., and if he’s blocking, then that sets you up for TT. TT after the j.mk :rofl:

some other useful stuff. if you anticipate a s.HK, you can Focus (no attack) dash s.HP x CoD, or grab works.

know your punishes. OS grab beats psyco crusher. OS TT beats psyco crusher (harder timing). a blocked Psyco crusher from point blank range is free ultra, or free lp CoD.

vs teleport. I usually use OS HK wheel kick, but I think he still gets a free punish if you hit clean. jump-in OS dash forward f+MK will probably work vs teleport or you can try OS jump foward. (risky)

don’t use c.HP in this MU for anti-air. his jumping HP beats it clean. c.mk works often.

Alright, I gotta learn some of these option selects.

I really don’t know any with Abel, is there a thread or some posts with a list of them?

Just to make sure I have the idea right, for the anti-teleport OS, just input the dash or HK wheel kick to come out with timing as if I were to whiff the jumping mk, right?