vs Blanka

I’m an intermediate and slowly creeping on advanced player (for reply purposes), and a I play straight 3v3 with a friend. I use K Groove (open to suggestions, thinking of adopting N) and I can not beat my friend’s C Groove Blanka.

I’m generally a heavily offensive player, especially with Iori. In general our win ratio against each other is 50/50. But simply put, his Blanka is far superior to most of what I can dish out on any character.

He plays a C Groove Blanka and is roughly 80% offensive, 20% defensive. I can usually Just Defend his straight rolls or hard Oni Yaki him out of it. The issue I have is I’m basically forced into defending and the only real opening I’ve been spotting is blocking rolls but Blanka deflects out of reach for anything but a crouching HK (that I’ve noticed).

I’m open to tips, suggestions and so forth.

random Blanka Balls = free damage for Iori

On block you can run > c.HK or catch him with a lvl 3 Rush Super if you have meter.

It’s easier to beat Blanka w/ N-Iori imo, 'cause you have run & RC Rekkas to work with, but if you really want to go w/ K-Iori then you’ll need to go into training mode and figure out the best way to punish things after you JD them.