Vs. Captain Comando AAA

If it’s been posted before (I’m pretty sure it has been) I’m sorry. I’ve tried searching but I don’t really get any concrete material. On to my point…

I can’t seem to do anything when I am playing against someone using CapCom AAA. I use msp. I have a hard time getting close. Comando stops me, or kills my assist. And I can tri angle kick and stuff pretty good. but I can’t ever keep Commando from coming out.

How do you guys go about this situation. Any help will be appreciated.

when i’m playin’ against someone using capcom AAA, i always do the safest options. when rushing my opponent, i’ll dash/airdash, then block, then wait till capcom comes out, then knock them out with my psy AAA. when building meter (sj.hp many times) i tend to airdash (backward/forward) to avoid being knocked out.

So pretty much you rush but are a bit more careful. Hmm. I’ll try this out.

Here my advice. Practice and just keep on playing. This is the only way your magneto can be fast. Snap back is ur first option when playing commando aaa. Remember Practive make perfect

Yeah I know what you mean. But my rush is pretty fast. Enough to ground most players. Just that Commando assist kills me. I always forget about snapback though. Thanks for the reminder.

Well if your afraid of the C.C aaa, try goin in ground style. Use Mag’s dash back and forth to screw them up. It doesn’t hurt for them to come to you either, mostly because you can basically take em out whether you’re attacking or waiting for the kill cause of Mag’s diveristy in rush, just don’t turtle (I hate that). When they get close bust out some Psy and wip their ass OTG style.

Just some tid bits.

Cool. I was just trying that earlier today. It works effectivley. There is this one punk who won;t do anything. and I mean anything, till he see me attack of bring out an assist. Of course he uses C.C

So I just grabbed him. :slight_smile:

yah right, a good move for turtling opponents is to grab 'em. i grab ‘em with hp then a hypergravXX(aerial rave). it works for turtlers! also, i’m not sayin that you just turtle with mag and wait for your opponent to summon capcom, what i’m sayin is that we should be extra careful. choosin’ the right moves at the right times will be the key…

hyperslasher is ryt…

grab that main character then snapback or just do rom or etc…

or when that c.c appear on the screen try this lk. lunch then magnetic tempest or just do the triple pierce thing. but watch out for cable(main character :clap: )

PATIENCE. That is all you need to fight capcom. Just wait for the opportunity to get the your opponent into rom, or have Psy hit, then snapback into capcom. Then the match is yours basically.

i see…
cable_mater you better watch out!!!

bait out commando, and do triple fierces + assist to punish the assist and protect yourself if the opponent tries to rush into you to protect his assist

or if ur opponent is noob in a way, jus launch + assist => tempest, major assist punishment

I’m not familiar with that term. Can you please elaborate?

launch + assist, fp, addf (airdash downforward) fp, fk

Don’t forget that when you do the triple fierce assist, do a c.hk to get an automatic quick launch. once you get that, sj. cancel, hk addf ROM. Works pretty well, except you have to do the first c.hk IMMEDIATELY after the triple fierce.

i wouldnt rely on that since if u mess up on the cancel, the recovery will fuck you over… but thats just sumthin i personally wont do

Eh what ever sinks your goat.

I personally do it about 98% smooth 24/7.

Then again if you play Dynasty Warriors Tactics 2, 98% can still be dangerous. lol :rofl: