VS Casual News (cigar bob and others)

VS Casual News (cigar bob can’t make it but don’t fret)

EDIT: Just spoke to Cigar Bob and he said he doesn’t want sponsoring and at the same time will not be able to make it to Evo. So most likely no Cigar Bob at this Evo. I will however probably be able to get his boards to still hold those tournaments.

Some news has come my way by Ciggy himself. I was talking to him on the phone and he said he might not be able to make it to Evo at all. He is currently in between jobs and of course money is a major factor, you all know how it is. So that means there might not be any casuals. My plan in the beginning was to help out Cigar Bob with his tournaments by building my own cabinet that should be ready soon. It is almost the same as Ciggys cab from last year. If he does not make it all tournaments will go according to plan as mentioned (probably not 3s though, I don’t have the kind of money for that). Also, I am planning to add to the roster:

  • VS singles
  • XvSF teams 3v3
  • MSH singles
  • Weapon Lord singles
  • KI (arcade) singles
  • A3 teams 3v3 or 2v2
  • T5: DR singles or teams (not sure yet but not sure the game will be in, I need a board first)

If anyone can help out with this at all that would be great. I do have a DVD recorder that I bought from work and will be recording all the vids. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

im so down to sponsor him…seriously, the guy lends us his cabinet to ravage upon and he does it out of his own accord…we owe it to him quite frankly

I’m glad to see someones on the band wagon. I’ll see how much he needs and put a fundraiser together. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

I’m not going either but that’s never kept me from tossing money at the community

let me know what’s good

waiting for an update

I’d pay money for casual arcade ST at Evo, especically if it’s on an oh-so-sexy CigarBoB cabinet.

Let me know what’s good.

This looks a little out of hand, this went from planning for about 4 cabs and barely getting everything to run on time, now we’re supposed to accept.

  1. cigar may not come
  2. his cabs are being replaced with ‘possibly’ 2 (i guess yours and hydras which will be FOTNS anyway)
  3. his tournies are being kept, and somehow 6 more are being added… including XSF which in itself took a day, and DR which will get like 100 players as well.

Someone contact cigar and have him post or contact someone. If something comes up where he can’t run things thats one thing, and if srk can’t help, we’ll just have to live with that, and re-evaluate what events people should expect. It would be better to garuntee casuals for all those and like 2-3 tournies than to promise 10 tournies and finish 2.

No CigarBoB? Damn, was looking forward on seeing his cabs again this year.

SK: You’re missing another EVO! WTF?

Never met CigarBob but he sounds like a cool ass dude to be lending his boards out and all. He’s even letting Sabre bring it for MidWest Championships so that I can run VS which is dope as hell. Sorry to hear he cant make it though, would have liked to meet him.
Ok there are 3 games that hugely caught my attention on there.

  1. Vampire Savior ( My current favorite Capcom SF title)
  2. Weapon Lord (Love the shit out of this game, definetly underrated and definetly one of the most divere technically sound game for its time)
  3. Killer Instinct (OG for the Win) :slight_smile:
    3 vs 3 A3 sounds good too. HFA long time no hear bud hopefully I’ll see you there!
    Percentages of me going to Evo are getting higher and higher!:wink:

This time me coming back to Okinawa had a price, a one-year tour. Regardless of if I extend over here for another year, I’m going to UFL, a nice little training exercise that goes from early August to early September. So I’m fucked this year too. There’s no avoiding this one. At least last year I had a chance, that got shot down at the last minute because 29 Palms sucks ass, but this time is no dice. My OIC and SNCOIC both have told me that any attempts at leave for that timeframe will be killed.


Shit, tell them you participate in tournaments all the time and it’s a world finals that you simply can’t miss. Hell, fuckers get to go to Europe and other places for soccer/football/track/boxing/basketball/baseball tryouts and shit, why not video games? That and there is money involved! Shit is just not fair. It’s only 4 days, give or take 2-3 days for travel. Oh well…

hmm, i didnt think neil(cigarbob) was ready to come out with this information yet. but i guess it is.

this has been a possibility for over a month now. lots of personal problems and time restraints on doing all the cabinets is basically taking a toll on him.

i think its dope that there are people willing to help him out to get to evo. but you gotta factor in quite a few things.the fact that hes gotta bring a few cabinets is gonna require a rental truck like uhaul or something. and the fact that hes taking it out of state, makes it VERY expensive, then you factor in the hotel, food, and prolly entry into atleast HSF2. the expenses get pretty high.

i think with the fact that the possibility of him not going was pretty high for a month now, i think hes ceased work on the cabinets. believe me, i helped him make one, that shit takes a lot of time, especially by yourself. he hasnt really spoken to me much on how far along his cabinet process was. but the last cabinet isaw in person was hydra632’s cabinet, and that one wasnt even one of the cabinets that cigarbob was intending to use for all his events. if he hasnt really done any since then, i dont think he will finish in time, especially if he wants to work out all the wiring kinks and such. plus the money it takes to make them.

i will talk to him to see if hes interested in going still if people help him. but i think its not gonna do much good. especially since hes bouncing into another job, and with a new job at this point in time, no way he can get the neccessary time off to go to evo(whenever the hell it is anyways lol). plus if he hasnt built any cabinets fully since hydras (which im assuming) i dont think he will have enough time to make the neccessary ammount needed. maybe some people can supply some good superguns atleast? im sure he will let me personally take his boards. might motivate me to finish my supergun =)

If I’m able to get my cab to Evo I’m down for running other games, but I’d still like to hold some FotNS stuff for the people who are interested.

If CigarBob is not coming to EVO, then I will pretty much have no reason to go to EVO in Vegas unless I qualify for multiple games at EVO East. This is lame, I wish we had known this earlier so we could put some effort together to help him get out there…

I dont call flying out to Vegas to play HSF a worthy reason to spend a thousand or more dollars, and miss work, which is what it will cost…but if CigarBob was going and I still had the chance to get a ridiculous amount of ST practice in, plus the unofficial tournaments, that would be another matter entirely…

Its really too bad that EVO has basically turned off old school gamers this year by giving HSF the worst payout available of all fighting games, with no justification, when games like DOA4 have been getting some of the lowest turnouts in competitive fighting game history. I was counting on the old school fun of CigarBobs cabinets to keep me occupied and entertained most of the weekend…Neil knows how I feel about how he helped me out last year and I offered to give him whatever help he needed this year to get this thing going. Now the prospect of flying all the way out to Vegas, and even going as far as WINNING HSF entirely, the 1st place money probably won’t even pay for my trip, and that’s if I decide not to gamble at all…and now there will be no casuals for any old-school games…so what the fuck am I going to EVO for again?

This blows.


Okay, Ciggy is not coming to Evo. I will though be having a setup with a supergun for tournaments XvSF, MSH, VS, SSF2T, and SFA3. Dog-face is going to be helping me out with the XvSF since he will be bringing his stick along with a supergun and an XvSF board. He might even throw a team tourney, who knows. This is the plan right now. I know that people wanted an HSF tourney but I don’t have the board. If someone would let me borrow it for the tourney I would be more than happy to throw it. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Like I have been planning since Day 1, I will be doing XSF singles.

I will be donating my own money and time to making that a kick ass tournament.

If you want to do teams on your stick, that’s cool. Right now, I am just focusing on my one singles XSF turney and getting that done.


vic: you do know, if there is a team tourney, we have to be teammates. dont forget where you came from =)