VS. Chun Li Thread

I sifted through the Matchup thread and found nothing concrete on how to fight Chun Li so I started a dedicated thread against her. Many times people asking on how to fight chun li in that thread where not responded to, and I predict a lot of people having trouble fighting her.

If my observations are wrong then let me know. I keep losing to decent Chun Li’s that know the match up.

Chun Li has the following advantages over Dhalsim.

-Her close up game rapes Dhalsim. Her c.HK has priority over most of Dhalsims moves. She is definitely in control up close.

-After her flip over roundhouse, she can either lighting legs for good chip damage, or opt to mix it up with jabs and a throw. None of Dhalsims counter pokes are fast enough to interupt her. Back dashing i think gets hit with lightng legs.

-Jab and Roundhouse will not only knock you out of IAT, but will put you at close range with her. Too risky to use that tool.

  • Anti Air moves b.mp and b.HK lose to her j.HK and trade at best.

  • she can jump over your long range keep away moves with ease.

How do I beat this character?

I’ve managed to barely squeak by by keeping her at long range with yoga fires and s.HK and MK sometimes, but she can jump around them if my timing/prediction isn’t perfect.

Chun li, ya i hate her too lol.

Jump MP is good AA against Chun li or use Jump mummy (jump d+HP) work well when she already on air, also can juggle with super.

Jump Mp is hard to do on react and I already have to be in the Air. I’ve tried it but don’t have the timing an positioning to be effective. Do I jump back and do it? I worry that the floaty jump after an attack straight up will let her dash in if I whiff.

The Mummy sounds promising.

chun li is easy to zone. she can’t really win a fireball war because you can poke her out every time. if you she jumps you can back dash or AA depending on the distance and time she does it vs one’s recovery. if you have a good zone it makes it hard for chun li to get in. if you have having trouble, work on zoning. some chuns like to flip kick through your fireball, yoga tower can dodge this. you can bait and punish almost every chun li set up. my best advice.

If you don’t mind could you please elaborate on this? Backdashing I understand but it only works until you are in the corner. From there j.HK beats all of my anti airs, b.HK and b.MP.

I usually try to slide under to escape and start the zoning, but a good chun figures out holes in the zoning. Ive never seen a good chun spam the Hazanshu? over head kick.

A good chun will get in the following ways.

Usually they will jump over yoga fire,
block zone attack,
then fireball to negate yoga fire. Dash while you are in yoga fire recovery, They are now closer.
and jump over the next fireball or ranged poke. If poke it think your limb gets tagged with a kick. If yoga fire, empty jump. Now you are in cross up range.
FDAC a zone out limb or yoga fire, follow with a dash.

Now chun is in your face…Shit. She gets ducking kicks and Lighting legs for free, can overhead flip kick you to LL or chose to throw. She then dashes in on knockdown.

Back dashing then puts you in the corner again. A beastly Chun Li you have to fight like Boxer it seems.

jump back or neutral jump with neutral mp.

for mix up im doing iat when she still in air. of course dont use it often.

sorry cant help you much. im still at 5/5 against chun …

no secret techniques here, block a whole lot and try to tech throw until you get an opening. if your opponent doesn’t hitconfirm his/her cr.lp/cr.lks to lightning legs you should be glad he/she used it to push you away. who cares about chip damage?


-Jab and Roundhouse will not only knock you out of IAT, but will put you at close range with her. Too risky to use that tool.


everyone in the game has some poke to win over IAT. shouldn’t be a bigger problem than usual.

it is beatable but it’s hard. if you trade with b.hk it’s still worth it. check this thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=168412

what the hell are you talking about? when she doen’t have ultra she still can get closer to you if you fireball a lot by countering with her own fireball and then use the much shorter recovery to advance with her very fast walk speed. her fireball also cleanly beats fierce from max range.
When she has ultra you’re only allowed to throw fireballs as a counter to her ball, and that is not particularly bad, but something chun gains the most from (once again, shorter recovery, fast walk speed). and since this game is designed the way it is, she WILL get her ultra.
I’m not saying she’s unzonable or anything, but she is among the harder characters to zone and win a fireball war against.

anyway, my random tips: learn the max range of hk slide and learn to punish her fireball with it on reaction. try maintaining that range and she’s not allowed to throw fireballs which means she’ll have to advance by other means, or backing up. when you’ve taught your opponent to be less fireball happy you’ll get to use st.mk a lot which is great. stuffs her dashes, walk up and can stuff jump attempts.

rtdzign, sounds to me you use to laggy moves and to many fireballs in ranges where it’s not safe. use faster pokes and learn to anti air her properly.

it’s definitely 6-4 in chun’s favour if you ask me, since zoning get’s hard when she has ultra, her much better fireball, fast walk and especially since her okizeme is great against sim. I still like the match up tough, is can be quite fun.

b hk beats her jump in roundhouse, if you don’t believe me you can check it out in the training room but you have to know the distance and the timing. ib strong works too. i recommend you go to the training room and try to figure out when you can and can’t AA it. if she is getting in your face after her kikoken because you are in fireball recovery that probably means you are throwing fireballs too close.

Is this directed to me? because I stated myself you can beat her j.hk.

I never said she gets straight to my face from a fireball trade, but it obviously is a good way for her to inch forward. I don’t throw fireballs at too close ranges, I’m just saying, chun is harder than most characters to win fireball wars against.

100% agree with Randomness. A good Chun who knows the matchup will FA your fireballs and pokes til she has ultra then she is in control.

You can only fireball as a counter to her fireballs. You have to watch what pokes you use because at certain ranges ultra will punish certain pokes.

If she has super she can punish the recovery on blocked bread & butter flame with super.

She could stand in the corner and throw fballs the whole round after she has a life lead and ultra.

If sim has the life lead she can inch closer due to faster fball recovery and foot speed.

It’s listed as 5-5 but I also think it’s 4-6 in chun’s favour.

i main chun =). I also have a friend who mains sim and we had a few battles from here and there. What i noticed is that (maybe it might just be me) when chun is up close, prolly a b.mk away from sim, sim will FADC or use mixups of lp and lk and mk and mp. this usually surprises a chun because it will push them back a bit if blocked and will try to jump in, which can be stopped by a kick that hits upwards (<.< huh?). In a chun player’s point of view, if sim is far away, fadc the fbs then build meter, then make sim a bit scared on using the fb.
I don’t really know where i’m getting at this :confused:

Anyways, i don’t know the matchup that well yet. I found this video on youtube that’s kinda fun. again, just fun.

if i am playing against someone who consistently employs a focus attack then I would try a couple things, I would shoot out an ex fire to keep them honest, and use the faster pokes to test them and keep them at bay.

and for whoever said that they don’t see chun li’s using flip kicks to get in you can look at the chun li match up thread and see that they think its a great way to get in on dhalsim. [media=youtube]Ph0XHb6FtTU"[/media] seems to like it too

This matchup has got to be as bad, or worse than balrog sigh

I’m at a loss. Its impossible to tower he Hashanshu on reaction and she just cant be pokedo ut at short range. You have have at least 2 or 3 instances of having to block perfectly or just lose. thats per round…

b.RH does indeed beat her jump RH. The thing with Chun Li is that her jump is extremely floaty, so if you mistime your AA your attack will have wiffed by the time she has extended her leg. It has to be done later than you would AA, say, a Shoto.

b.strong is good against her jump forward.

I main Chun as well, I’m also a good friend of Arturo (Sabin). From what I read on his thread, gotta be careful with your limps, chun can FADC and pretty much gets into your face after that. Try to be careful when you use your teleport because Chun can answer it with a Standing Close Roundhouse which leads into MK HS into short short EX legs or short, jab, standing fierce which can lead into Chun’s super if the Chun player is good on execution or they can do ultra if you teleport backwards. From my point of view, my advice is to play really lame and frustrate the chun player to make mistakes so you can punish them for doing it. Also remember that Chun has an air throw which can be used random at times.

I’d rather fight a rog than this bitch

according to nemo, this matchup is 7-3 in chuns favour.

i find that i really do have to keep her out =/, shes does alot of hit stun on block especially FA lvl2


Here’s a video of Sabin losing a set and then winning a set against a very good Chun player (at least, I think he’s very good, Im not a Chun player!) in Japan.


I think we can learn alot from this shit.

One thing that especially struck me was the amount of focus fishing Sabin does when he’s within the jump range of Chun. It seems like he feels safer focus->back-dashing her jump-ins than he is with trying to anti-air them. And, when he DOES anti-air them, he shows alot of jump-back fierce, which intersects the angle of Chun-Li’s floaty jumps…

Lol @ Sabin at the end of the match: “THAT WAS SOOOO HARD.” S’how I feel about this match-up too.

edit: thanks amisulpride :wink:

think you forgot the link