vs. chun

This is remy’s worst match in my opinion. She has so many options at her disposal; most of them leading up to some insane damage. I would go so far as to say that even a scrubby chun can give even the most skilled remy player an extremely difficult time. However, this is 3rd strike. Any character can win if the right choices are made.

So I’d like to post a few tips that helped me win some of these impossible matches, and I hope you folks will do the same cause you know…*Chun is a bitch *

Super through sonic boom
One of the most irritating things about Chun is that she completely shuts down Remy’s spacing game simply by stocking 1 super. When she does, you wont be able to throw sonic booms at any distance less than full screen. To counter this, you must also have at least 1 super stocked. You can bait out chun’s super by throwing a sonic boom at a distance where the other player knows you’ll get hit by it. Slowly buffer the sonic boom into a QCFX2 motion. If you see chun’s super flash activate, mash on kick (or punch for SA1, but that’s not recommended for this matchup). The idea is to cancel out her super with your own. Not very easy, but has a high flash factor :).

If other players think this move is annoying, you can just imagine how bad it will be for remy. Properties of chun’s fierce vs. remy include: crushes high sonic booms, beats out cbk’s, and just does a ton of damage to remy in general. Usually, one would rely on a low attack to keep chun from abusing this move. Remy however, is more limited in options. Crouching LK? not far enough. Crouching MK? Do not EVER use this move against chun (unless of course you want to eat a super for free). So what does that leave? Yup…crouching RH. No one said the match was going to be easy…

Well that’s all I have for now. Good luck!

crazy mofo

Isn’t Chun Li everyones worst match-up?

Lk CBK everytime she is in range for her c.MK. It beats it cleanly. Avoid using standing MK altogether, and use c.MP sparingly. C.MK is good at max range, and outranges all of Chuns pokes. Lov mind games and pressure is good as always, that is, UNLESS she has super stocked. Even with a super stocked you can get her at the right ranges but fucking be careful because she is just waiting for you to screw up so she can super through it.

Winable but not easy.

also, abuse the table sprite on chun li’s stage. Throw low sonic booms under it to throw off parry timing

if your reaction times r good enough to be able to bait a chun your facing into doing her super through a lov so u can super her to counter why do u choose sa1 and sa2 if thats your biggest problem.

wouldnt sa3 be a much better super for your strategy?


that’s my boy take!!

sa3 sucks. and you’re never going to land a sa2 on her due to the nature of the match

ummm… uoh sa2, neutral jump roundhouse sa2, meaty lov’s on wake up into cr strong super, st mk sa2…

lots of normal ways to land sa2 on chun. i mentioned sa3 because if u r going to use so much EFFORT to use a super to solely cancel to to negate another super why not go for the sure thing? especially if u disregard all the ways u can land sa2 on chun

Unless you’re fighting a parry master, there is many options to land a SAII, Everdred just mentioned some of them, although there are others (jumping HP while she is in the air then SAII, throw in the corner then SAII) of course those don’t take all the damage of the SA but there are other ways to land them.

I guess its up to personal preferance. Personally ive had more luck using sa1. But i guess you’re right everdread. There arent any chuns in my area and i got elminated by a chun at evo. So ive been trying to study the matchup cause i really feel like i can’t do much against her.

yea, i think the only ways i win is if i manage to slow the other player down enough so my attempts of damage are there only opportunites to do anything to me.

for chun u wanna get your special moves as instant as your normals in a way, low ex lov is a pain if the chun cant see it coming.

heres a set up i copied from this tutorial jap vid i used once and worked.

neutral throw in corner, rrf, land and cbk over her (into the corner) then immediately do uoh.

if she tech rolls the uoh will hit her early enough for u to land into sa2 or sa1. if she doesnt roll just hit st mk into sa2 after u land from the uoh (the uoh gets u out of the corner), they might not block since u crossed over to the other side.

who’s chun peaced u out dagger g? heard u did well.

Here. I made a crappy video demonstrating the super bait. Every Remy player should learn this if you want to have an easier time facing chun. (and yes everdread saII is better)

nice vid so how do u measure the proper distance to do that consistantly?

The cool thing about it is that the distance is already taken care of. Buffer qcfx2 after every sonic boom really fast. If you see the super flash then mash on kicks and whirl around the joystick (incase the super flash happened before you finished all of the joystick motions). If done correctly you should activate your super every time, and if chun tries to do it early, the sonic boom will cancel out the attack, if she does it too late, you will be able to block after. You should however, use only jab and short sonic booms as any other strengths allow chun to mix up the timing

damn that was tight…nice clock by the way ;D