vs. Chun

This is one of my harder match ups for obvious reasons. Mostly I’m afraid of the zoning and corner pressure. I’ve noticed that sometimes Chun will fierce likecrazy. I’ve come up with two things that might work, but of course I’d like to ask around for help.

If you keep your spacing good, the lunge punch fierce will whiff (duh). I’ve found that you can counter this with EX donkey kick or walk up sweep (if you’re close enough) on recovery. I don’t know if this works out side of parry training, though. The EX donkey kick seems especially good if Chun doesn’t have super stocked.

On another note, Chuns (or at least advanced players) tend to corner me and fish out low parries. In my panic stricken state, I just low poke all day, then get parried and eat low forward super. How do I counter this? Just mix up my stuff a little? Jump out of the corner?

Any input on these or any other Chun specific strategies would be greatly appreciated.

some basics against chun:

  1. walk to zone/footsie with her. dashing will get you killed. don’t get hit.

  2. no meter, u can sweep her fierce, b+fierce, and low forward all on reaction. with meter, you can low forward super her fierce and b+fierce, but her low forward recovers a bit too quickly to try to tag her consistently. sweep that shit. and don’t get hit.

  3. low forwardXX ex fb is safe on block, use it to push her out. don’t get hit.

  4. if you end up getting knocked down in the corner, either jump forward out or block low imo…she’s at a tremendous advantage there, your goal for the match should be to not end up in that situation, because you will end up taking damage if you are there. don’t get hit.

  5. also, don’t get hit

:rofl: Thanks a billion. I’ll try that out this afternoon or so.

my godlike strats are null and void as soon as you get hit. you’re on your own after that:wonder:

Feel free to throw EX fireballs without the low MK. The EX fireball itself is a class A poke, but you sort of handicap it with the low MK priorities when you combo to a 2-in-1. The speed the EX fireball travels is really fast. In my opinion it’s a suitable poke for when you need… your best poke. Just outside of attack range. When inside with the footwork, low MK to SA1, or a reversal SA1 if opportunities are rare.

Low MK to hurricane is a great punishment move. Works fine against standing attacks like Chun’s HP.

Use standing MK if you don’t feel safe with a low attack, and the range isn’t optimal for an EX fireball (MK comes out faster). Or jump back or forward, use the fact that you know they’re fishing for low parries to your advantage, etc.

walk back, wait, dash throw, win. no really.

Man, all of this is so much easier said than done. I’ve constantly tried to alter my game to be able to contend with Chun, without much success. I’ve gotten better the more I get careful, but I lose my head too easily as soon as I’m in the corner. Jumping out is hard because most Chuns I’ve played can anticipate that. Only thing I’m successful with is anticipating her pokes with EX hadous and going from there. I only seem to win if I unnerve my opponent with good pressure, since Ryu doesn’t need that many openings to do damage.

One question,though. Is Chun completely invincible to Joudan when she’s crouching? I think I’ve nailed her with it before, but I might be wrong.

it whiffs on her crouching sometimes, not the ex tho. ryu’s not supposed to win the matchup, so its supposed to be hard to compete with her. you need to outplay the person playing her, but that shouldn’t be unexpected if you play ryu as a main

close s.mk, s.hp, or c.hp xx EX joudan hits chun on crouch.

mk joudan is the best if you really dont have any meter, it works if you crossup mk s.mk xx mk joudan every time. if you do it meaty you need to be really close though, a few pixels back and it can miss for your favorite chun c.mk into super.

never use the lk or hk joudan for combos.

to not get cornered : dont give up soo much space. if you walk back to make them whiff s.hp, dont do it too often to the point where you just hold back and end up in the corner. move forward a little bit, keep your own room, and just block. when he gets into kara throw range then back up a bit, use some pokes (keep in mind that EX fireball is a great poke.) UOH can work too, if they try to dash throw you if you stay too still. you can react to dash with UOH’s and be pretty safe.

dash UOH can work sometimes if they like to throw after you dash. again, using the UOH you can get closer and make them miss while you hit them. what to do after that is your choice. my personal favorites are EX fireball, s.mk, walk back a little and EX fireball, UOH again, f+mp (be careful if they mash c.mk into super) and walk back and sweep their move if they do one.

if you parry something, the easiest punish is c.mk into EX fireball, but c.hp into EX joudan is good if you got it down too, it hits a parried c.mk (careful if they cancel into super) and far s.hp.

dont be soo obvious with your kara throws since chun s.hk, close or far will usually beat it. but then again, you do wanna throw her ass to get a good knockdown.

chun with meter just be careful not to fireball from too far or they can super on reaction which will suck. i’ve also seen chun c.mk into super right after a fireball came out.

those are the only things i can think of, chuns just too damn good, sorry :sad:

Big fan of the Ryu game too!! Nice to meet all of you guys!! Yeah, it is practically hard to go against a good Chun Li player… I guess I could only say patience and a good pressure game against her wins the fight!! But every one be weary of throwing random hadous at her… Every one knows that she can houyouken sen through them at ease from a certain distance… She is beatable… It’s the strategy that’s important…

Well, the biggest situation I seem to have trouble with, apart from being cornered, is when she plays footsies with you. Usually, if I try to throw anything remotely risky at her, I’ll be eating a super. When she doesn’t have meter, her ground game, especially that ultra-annoying crouch jab and kara-throw, keep me in check. I can never get in damage until I get a knockdown and start mixing it up. Is there any move I should use more when trying to out-poke her? Aside from EX hadou and c.mk?

Alright Ryu Friends!! I’ve actually done some research and saw some videos that were great examples of throwing those well rounded, and expert users of Chun li off their game…

  1. It’s baiting her to throw out those random fierce punches and crouching mks. Really all of us have to resort to parrying… Just got to be dead on!! She is really nothing without at least a meter of houyouku sen… The players out there abuse that super to death… But, there are ways of shutting down that super where as the users will not comfortably throw out those range attacks to gain meter etc…

  2. I’ve got 2 videos to prove my theory… She is beatable… Don’t let them fool guys… Just like the ending quote for Ryu… “Range… Speed… Priority… Know and master all your attacks!”

This one being my Favorite:


And yes… Knowing how to throw the random hadoukens is key… It may not seem practical because of how easily they are parried but the thing is to be in their face and to annoy the player out of their game… Random standing mks, quick dashes, and MPs can just get a player angry… Thats what its about and putting those throws in check will render her fighting prowess useless… It may not be much since I am a humble individual, and not the best Ryu player out there, but I hope this adds some morale to the fan base and hope to answer any questions to you guys including you kof4life! I hope to hear your thoughts and our comments regarding this topic… One day, maybe any of us will put Ryu back on the throne!! LOL!! You guys take care and if you guys got myspace, look me up in this forum!!

pretty bad match. even throwing out low forward is horrible against a good chun, they can super it whiffing on react. fireball to the face is nice but it’s not nearly enough. when one of your best options in a match is random high parry from outside low forward range, its not looking too hot.

one can’t hit confirm, one totally sucks! :arazz:

yea when playin against her I normally play extra defensive and throw my ass off. But sweeps, s-RH(ryu’s anti-air for all characters) and the classic c. mk are the best things to do to her until the player gets frustrated then you can do as you please.

I like how the second vid played through. That was some aggressive playing that I would barely try but what I aim for when playin a chun li player. Once she gets in close you can guarentee to get throwed somewhere. But I also like how he used a fierce hurricane kick as a form of travel. I thought I was the only one that did that in certain matches.

Nice vids

To reply with Darksaige13; the second vid though was impressive… The Ryu player did a excellent job with not only mind games, but putting the random hits and kara throws in check. Really did good with defending the tick throws and parrying her attacks and creating good counters and setups! I agree with you 110% of the way!!