vs. ChunLi

I was watching an Ibuki vs. ChunLi match and the Chun player totally wasted the Ibuki player. What options would Ibuki have to beat ChunLi, and is it really that difficult a match-up?

Yeah it’s easily one of her worst matches. Strangely enough she still has a better matchup against Chun than some of the lower tiered characters. I think most recently the Japanese have it at 7-3 in Chuns favor. Meaning you have to play a very basic gameplan and can’t take a whole lot of risks once Chun gets meter. Pretty much the first time you get hit once she has meter you are losing more than half of your health so the idea is to get in on Chun early in the first round to gain momentum. Then once she has meter you’ll have to stick to a more defensive posture.

When you play against Chun enough you’ll have a good idea of what she wants to do and that’s the reason I feel comfortable fighting against most Chuns in tournaments even though the matchup is really uphill for her. They’re either looking to hit you with b+HP or c.MK and when they get close enough they’re going for the kara throws. It’s the really patient and calculated Chuns that will give you the most trouble. Seeing most anything you do is risky if they’re simply waiting on you to make a move and react. Which is the way Chun should be playing the match ideally. The only time Chun will need to get aggressive is if she’s low on health.

Thanks for the feedback, this looks like one match-up that requires a lot thinking and outsmarting I feel.

Best thing, like dude said, is to get her before she has meter. crouching forward mk and f. mk (from a reasonable distance) into mp qcb+2K is always a good start, since most chuns always love to crouch when you’re coming in and try to spam that damn c.HK. From a reasonable distance, the f. mk should punish it.

Crouching forward mk can get you in to poke and demon away. Back + mp is a nice anti air if you’re closer into their jumpins, but I will warn you that if you f.mk into them and do the qcb+2K and they block the whole thing, crouch block IMMEDIATELY and expect either to get ready to tech a grab or if she has meter, a low poke, followed by a super.

Really hard match for her. Like the others said, try to rush her down before she has meter. Once she gets a super stocked, everything changes. Go more on the defensive if she has a super. Make sure you can confirm st.Mk (knee) into Raida (qcb+p) as this is her no nonsense damage answer. I’d also recommend Instant Air Supers against her as she likes to grab a lot. Just be careful not to extend the super too long and get punished. If she stops getting hit by the super, immediately stop. Watch for the kara grabs, and supers. Throw kunai all day if you have to. Cheeze her ass if you need to, no one will look down on you for it.