VS Computer without Arcade mode?


I play arcade mode constantly but I wanna practice matchups without training mode. I wanna go through sets with them and with training mode its kind of never-ending and it feels like I never learn much.

I can’t find a way to play against CPU other than Training/Arcade mode. Is there an option or trick I am not seeing?

DISCLAIMER: Not playing the original Dreamcast version, I am playing the PS3 version.


You should probably play on Fightcade against regular comp if you don’t have an offline scene. Where do you live?


Living in Washington, we have no arcades with 3S and no one I know in WA State plays it. I would totally use fightcade, however, my computer uses NVIDIA so my dreams are shot.


I played it a little bit the other day and I have a GTX 960. Is there some weird NVIDIA problem with different hardware?


Anyone know how to get CPU VS mode working on the Dreamcast Version?