VS CPU mode?


Hey all
I was wondering will sfv ever get a VS cpu mode?
Where i can play against the computer with 3 round matches or just a VS CPU would do for me because.
my internet connection is shared with every one in the building where i live so most of the time my games would lag And be unplayable unless i game at night or early morning when people arnt up.

Im very disapointed they left this out i bought the game just so i can practise against CPU And when i can get a chance ill hop online now will SFV ever get a versus CPU mode? If not im not sure if i want to keep the game then.
Im rly disapointed spend 64€ And i havn’t touched it yet cause there is no CPU matches…

Its a staple of all fighting games a CPU VS mode what the heck capcom?


You can set vs cpu in training mode. It can have KOs and everything.

Or just play survival mode.


Don’t forget the stuff coming within the next few months: Challenges, story mode, cinematic story mode, and trials (although, that’s not really much of a cpu challenging you)


Yeah but no 3 round matches with time limit And win animations also no arcade/ladder like defeat 8 then the Boss for example like the old SF games all had it but anyway will we get more VS CPU options down the line?


I think so. Keep in mind, that this is still very barebones. And there is more content coming this year. And i might be looking toward next season a little early, but i anticipate more character and more stuff for casual single players as well.


I find the Training mode CPU options to be quite adequate at the moment, having training mode rapidly restart a match instead of going through round end and round start makes killing time between online matches more bearable.


Well all SF had a good single player experience with the arcade And all And buying SFv just for training is not worth it for me i need my battles against CPU not just a dummy i bought this game mostly for offline play And local with friends And family but not much online sometimes if my connection is good but most of the time its not i share wifi with 6 other people And no i cant get my own connection this building is already wired for internet so my own is in possible i would have to move for that i bought the game thinking it has CPU battles but it doesnt i havrnt even touched it yet cause of it i rly hope capcom puts this mode in …not every one likes online play u know right now it seems like street Fighter online or early access… Has there been any annouchments for CPU play in the future?
I cant believe this fighting game doesnt have 1player VS CPU


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Lol, you joined the wrong forums.


You and I are kind of in the same boat.

I’ve never been a online competitive player myself. I am a hardcore casual player who enjoys playing against a CPU, and against friends and family members, not so much against strangers, although i do every now and then when I can online. And so far, training, story/character prologues, and Survival are the only modes you got. But as of now, these are the modes that they plan to release the next coming months. perhaps you’ve seen it before.

I always thought SRK was a forum where ALL Street Fighter fans can come and enjoy discussions about the game. No where here does it say “Competitive Players Only”. People like myself & @nRSNoMercy can still enjoy this game from a casual players perspective. I may not care about the FGC, or tournaments, or any of the competitive scene, but i do enjoy playing the game. And that’s why I’m here.


It is for all but this is mainly gear towards players that want to improve vs other players. Not play arcade mode.
He just joined and his 1st post is to complain about the lack of arcade mode. lol

Theres a saikyo noob forum for you guys.


Before I played my first opponent online, I had to start somewhere. And that’s where arcade mode comes in. Since Capcom is trying to open this game up to new people, I think it would’ve been a wise decision to at least add an arcade mode for new players to get their feet wet, to experience the game before just hoping online and getting their butts trounced by someone way more experienced.

Also, SF has always had an arcade mode, simply put because that was where the hype of Street Fighter was born. Not to mention if it was just by yourself in an arcade, you can still play the game without having to wait for anyone and play against each character and see what happens in their ending.


I only see dlc character in the road map so rly no CPU VS options ever? That sux


Yea theres training, you can set the dummy to 8 and have KO rounds. Theres tutorial when you first boot it up too. Oh and Survival mode. Or you can go online with a friend and practice. So many options.

Or you can wait till next month where the content updating is coming. You didnt have to buy it now, especially knowning the SFV road map.


theres the Challenge mode, which is a v. cpu mode.


How did you play the story mode in SF4?

Also you arent looking. Challenges/Trials are right there.


Technically, there was no Story mode in SF4. To find out what happens to each of the characters and what happens to them within the story, you had to play all of their arcade modes, and watch all of their prologues, endings, and “fight Your Riival” cutscenes (although some would debate if those Fight Your Rival scenes are canon to the story".


Thats my point, Arcade mode vs CPU and you get a story with the character you pick.


I did look good the challange mode is extra battle that is just VS a Boss thats it im talking about VS CPU best 2 out of 3 wins And like after 8 matches or so then the Boss in challange mode is just straight up CPU Boss beat him thats it no series of rotating battles or am i wrong? Or is VS CPU rly coming? Other than VS CPU Boss


Essentially, Story mode is replacing Arcade mode in SFV. The only difference is that in SFIV, you can adjust the difficulty settings and it was longer. In SFV, it was just too easy and too short. I have hopes that the June story expansion will enable setting difficulty. or at least make it harder the further into the story we get, with the final boss being on the hardest difficulty setting.


Nah, if that road map is to be believed, no plans of 1player VS CPU at least until September.