VS Decapre



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Decapre match up

you can safe jump her dwu u2 w hard knockdown setups fairly easy, so try to bait her into that situation for the win


I don’t understand what I should be doing in this match up. With Vega, I have zero problems with Decapre because I’m faster (walk speed wise. At least it feels like it), my normals are better than…well, everyone’s, my jump is shorter so she has less time to react to it, and I’m arguably just as, if not more, mobile than her.

With Gouken I fucking struggle. Even with terrible Decapres…mostly because my Gouken is pretty awful but, whatever, I’m learning. I feel I can’t throw fireballs too often because because she can react pretty well with her slide thing, I can’t really be in her face because her normals are longer than mine, and her jumping fierce is really good and kinda fucks with my AAs that aren’t EX Tatsu.

Basically, I don’t know where to be on screen in relation to her. Once I get a life lead, I can’t hold it like I normally can with other characters. Any basic strategy would help.

Edit: Oh, I actually have something to add. If she’s been doing her uppercut on wake up you can do the down MP dive kick after a sweep to avoid it and end up behind her. Probably common knowledge, but I found that out today.


She will probably abuse her uppercut because it takes out about 30% of Goukens game plan. No air parry, no kongo traps, no focus fishing. She’s ambiguous on your wake up with her ground pound, her slide is a pain in the ass, she’s safe on a lot of things that lead to more things.

Basically, at this point, she’s at advantage on offense but Decapre players tend to abuse her tools. This is a bait and punish playbook. Ex tatsu after she does hands. Bait uppercut and full punish on block with cr.hp ex palm (can this be confirmed?It’s worked so far but, people could be just pressing shit) Use your back dash a lot and vary your fireball timing. Dash in and pressure with cr.jab strings or grab.
But, it’s a shitty match up…


thats a good find especially if your new to gouken , that means you see the wakeup well and can bait it now…if you can manage to get her to whiff and end up behnd her thats your chance for pain train

right now im practicing more safe play and zoning, my suggestion is chuck plasma when you know shes going for a fake in the air …just stay outa range of that ex slide or whatever shes got the other stuff is more hype than anything normals can poke her out of the air in most cases but in close ranges she has hard mix up as im sure you know be mindful of that stay in block when she does groung pound look for lp palm to trade after ground pound for a spacing reset if you get sucked into that shit