Vs. Dudley



I know that this is a good match-up. I’ve done fairly well against Dudleys… but yesterday I got destroyed lol. I played this really high ranked Dudley. I did fairly well until I made a mistake and was in the corner and that’s where the massacre happened. This player had all the best damage combos, I got hit with 4 hp’s in a row, never seen that before. Anyway I would play well until I would make a mistake that lead into an ex machine gun combo that would push me into the corner. I’m not sure if you can react to Dudley’s overhead. I would always guess wrong on wake-up. 1-2 mistakes in the corner and I was dead. Has this happened to anyone? Any advise? …and what do you think of the match-up?


ultimate zoning, keepaway and runaway maybe?..

be careful of his overhead… he can combo from it…

and be aware if he has ultra 1 coz he can use it to get in as reaction to fireballs…




i think this match is slightly in Dud’s favor , hard to escape from him


After more experience with this match-up and watching Art play Smug a few times, this is what I a “Hot or Cold Match-up” Extremely in Sims favor when outside and extremely in Dudley’s favor when inside. What I’ve figured out is that you really have to mix up your pokes. Dudley’s will like to fish with st.hk, cr.mk, and cr.hk. You can beat the crouching pokes with high pokes and vise versa. Also whiff punishing is important to discourage that fishing. The thing is that Dudley can get in even with trades which is the reason that I think this character is higher tier than ppl believe, but that is another topic.



If you can anticipate them (or bait them with fireballs) a lot of Dudley’s rush-forward stuff is pretty easy to slide into. Most Dudley’s will want to do that dash that goes under projectiles, bait it out and slide into his kneecaps. After that you can start getting space or get working on him again.
A lot of Dudley’s seem to forget their lower body since he’s so focused on his hands, and even though its a really tough match-up if he gets in, if Sim can figure out the player, it can be a solid for him.