vs dudley

so i just started playing vs humans like 3 days ago. i used to play the cpu for a long time so combos n shit demon flip mix ups are not a problem. (couldnt find competition in my country)

ive been to the spot to play 3 times and this dudley keeps givin me problems we’re about 7:3 in matchups. the urien and ken players i can beat as long as i dont try some stupid shit i’m used to do to the cpu.

three major things are givin me problem so if someone can help it be great:

  1. gettin in close. i just dont know what to do. i do demon flips and get j.hp all the time. try to jump in ( you know how that ends with an upper followed by a corkscrew). or j tatsu. he just does his sHP all the time. if i can get the upper hand and start demon flip mixups the round is mine but hell i cant control every match.

  2. wake up super. he does em all the time so when he’s stocked i just wait outside of range or do a demon flip other than that i dont know what to do. thats a bad thing considering i need to put pressure on to win.

  3. he got me pinned down in a corner and that’s where i dont want to be. i teleport out and because of my first question im right back in the corner.

i swithed to ken for a while and we were about even but shit i dont want to play ken.

any suggestions?

p.s. sorry 4 the long post

I’m no expert, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d reccomend playing a game of keep away, abusing your air fireballs and playing a good ground poke game.

Play Ken. Or you can play boring, crappy, Akuma mindgames.

The japanese technically think that this match is in Akuma’s favor. You don’t have to be on top of Dudley nor do you have to play keep away to win. You can throw down with some air fireballs. Try to poke him out with cr. mk and confirm to messatsu Gohadou if meter is available. Keep him away with cr. mp, standing hp. Learn kara throw. Please don’t do demon flips or jump in if he is clobbering your ass everytime you do so. If you need to stay in the air to play Akuma then your not playing Akuma right. Learn ground game tactics, cr. mk is your friend. So is wake-up tatsu. If he is supering on wake-up everytime stay away and you can punish with a cr.mk, lk. tatsu, hp. shoryu. If you don’t have the hang of that just cr.hk his ass.

Dudley really doesn’t have a footsie game so abuse the hell out of far range cr.mk, until he starts option select parrying into st. hk, EX MGB, Double Upper. Or you can just pick Ken or another God-tier and have the match in your favor. Your choice.

If he’s doing wake up supers, then bait them. If you make it obvious that everytime he wakes up your are going to go after him, hes going to do wakeup shit and beat you. Trying to pressure people with Akuma is a guideline you should follow, but if you attack them everytime on wakeup, then its going to come back to bite you in the ass. You haven’t been playing against humans much, so it’ll take some time, but the idea is to mixup so your opponent doesn’t know what you are going to do, not attack everytime because thats what you’ve heard people say.

With that said, kara throws, mid range poking, and safe demon flip mixups can get dudley on lockdown. Blocked machine gun blows can be punished cleanly with your bnb, or c.mk > sa1. Dudley can be hit with lk tatsu even when hes crouching, so keep that in mind when you are punishing. You don’t really want to be right up on him, thats where he wants to be. You want to be mid range mostly. If you are every jumping in, it should be with air fireballs, or safe demon flips. Good luck.

Ken vs Dudley = 5-5


drobizh - one of the best things I like about third strike is that regardless of tiers, in most cases - if you have a good idea of what the opponent is going to do, there’s always a nice way for you to counter it and still stay safe in case they didn’t go for it. If you still end up getting hit by something unexpected - then that means the opponent is one step ahead of you.

I believe this match is a lot easier with Akuma than with Ken. You just gotta make sure you dont eat a nasty combo which isn’t too hard if the player isn’t a lot better than you.

Stay at sweep range where you can outpoke dudley. No need to jump at him. When you are close, only do kara throws, otherwise look to get out - like I said earlier - you dont wanna eat a big random combo so play it safe.

At the end of the day - read the opponent. If you think he will either do wakeup super or nothing at all - whats wrong with an option parry next to him when he wakes up (which will give you the first parry for the super) and if he doesn’t, grab him or something straight away.

Let me know if that helps and I’ll give you more tips if you want.

first thanx 4 the help guys

to hell murder
well demon flips work for me just not at full screen:) and i spam uf + d.mk which of course gets me dragon punched. and wake up tatsus ? thats a nice one ill have to try it.

to pherai: bait the super. im guessing backdash?

and yeah that about demon flip so if he blocks it do another one right after so akuma haasnt even time to land is that safe or am i gonna get thrown?

harmonaz: he does ex uppercuts. can i stuff that shit with a meaty. i think its better to wait and punish him when he gets down but just wondering

Block, or parry. Akuma can punish Dudley’s sa1 blocked easily with his bnb, and may be able to with his sa3, I’m not sure. Try out different punishment stuff in training mode. You could also learn to parry it, but definitely don’t backdash.

Read the demon flip thread to get some ideas, its just mixup stuff. Going right into another demon flip is one good idea, but you can also do the flip throw, or a tick kara throw, whatever you think your opponent will get hit by.

what about dudleys s.hp he keeps abusing it. can i stuff that with a jab or smth. i try to parry it but that shits strong if it hits it hurts like fuck

if u like demon flips, and he j.hp u, then make ur flips with mk, hit early or throw

to those wakeup super players, jump and parry…

Honestly I don’t give a shit what the tier lists say.
Dudley Double Upper vs Akuma = 10000000000000- 0
At least Ken can get back up after one of those.

double upper hurts but so does everything else if you’re playing akuma.

pherai i was asking if you do a demon flip and he blocks it and you do another one right after so akuma barely touches the ground can you get thrown in that time period

i also played an alex player whos arguably the best 3s player in the country. at least they said so. has any1 noticed how much alexs j.hk x mk x qcf+lp xx sa2 fucking hurts

Hell Murder, didn’t you used to love Akuma? Now all this hate. :frowning: Akuma’s the best character in the game, don’t hate!

Yeah, theoretically they would only have something like 2 frames to try to grab you in, which isn’t even enough time for the grab to startup, but like I said, its mixup stuff. Its not like this strategy is fool proof, but it is a perfect counter to throws.

Also standing hk is good medicine for duds on his way in. Just not too often or you’ll get parried and then owned

yeah i used s.hk alot to stuff his jump ins. works like a charm. i read somewhere around here that kens s.hp is also good for this purpose so i told the ken player to abuse em, and it ended up ruining dudleys jump ins.

I’ve been watching me vs. alex videos got em today. now i can finally analize what i’m doing wrong. eventhough i played ken for the most part vs alex and got pwned i can finally see what i’m doing wrong. playing ken i was trying to do jump uf d+mk and for some reason i got anti aired everytime:)

i can probably upload some videos somwhere eventho it’s not a vs alex topic

well today i went to play again. and abused jumping straight up fireball to cr.mk and combo of choice. did great.

blocking wakeup supers and retaliating (spelling anyone?). not so many demon flips so they werent srk-ed everytime but when i did em it worked

even got two kkz resets (cr.mk x lk tatsu x jab reset xx kkz) out of 3 or 4 tries. my first kkz reset with live competition. even tho i did my first reset kkz yesterday.

edit: hk-ing jump ins or backdashing when he jumps in and punishing. priceless

what about :d: :df: :r: :uf: :d: :df: :r: :p: if you score a knockdown. is it a good tactic to use?

or a :d: :df: :r: :d: :df: :r: :uf: :p: ?

Are you talking about the instant sa1? Why would you just throw that shit out? It’s never a good idea to waste supers. Just learn your hit confirms.