vs Eagle

I use them both, so…

does anyone know exactly how Eagles kill Blankas? and what Blankas can do about it? cuz i don’t see it…(still new to Eagle)

I have a tough time fighting against Eagle when I’m playing Blanka.

Eagle can retaliatle blocked blanka balls with s. fp and probably c. fk (not sure on that)

Eagle’s d+fp beats j. mk so i cant cross up, i believe it trades j .fk, rc lariat works as good anti also

How do I beat eagle with blanka?

RC Electricity, Sweeps, and making those custom/super oprrotunities count. It really depends on the groove Blanka though because all of them play pretty differently.

eagle can cross up blanka with rh.

eagle’s pokes out prioritizes blankas (cr.mk, cr.mp, st.fp), with a simliar range.

it’s definitely a tough match up for blanka. as for how blanka beats eagle, about the best advice is to play really carefully, and try to punish whiff st.hp with slide or something. Hop back would probrably save you quite abit from the pokes too.

Hold your ground against Eagle. If you hop back all day against him, you’re going to end up cornering yourself. If you hop back at point blank range (like to avoid a throw), Eagle will most likely hit you with far s.HP or s.HK. Intentional or not, too many Eagle far s.HP’s and HK’s are not good for you.

Your Blanka d.LK is faster than Eagle’s d.MK. Use it.