vs etiquette


I’d post this in SF4 forum but don’t have a high enough post count this is more of a general fighting game question anyway so hopefully won’t get flamed.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed already or if I’m just making up my own rules but to me it seems unsportsmanlike to kick another player (unless for bad connection, trash talking etc) to prevent yourself from losing.

Long story short, played this dude who used a character I wasn’t familiar with. So was beating me until I figured out an effective counter. Since he was just spamming the same move, I’d spam the counter (a well timed throw) and would make him pay. I still wasn’t 100% so he pulled off the win but just barely.

I was all set to play him again and really open a can of whoops ass but once back in the lobby he called me cheap and kicked me. . . WTF?

Ok so regardless of being kicked for being “cheap”, and maybe i’m just making up my own rules here . . . but I don’t kick anyone as long as they want to keep playing, have a decent connection and aren’t trash talkers.


If I’m going through arcade, I only kick people when they get boring. If I dominate them more than 2x’s in a row then I just kick them. There’s no point in any of us playing each other at that point.


Fuck player matches, I never get rematched :frowning:


I know man. I was playing this dude at the arcade. I was totally tick throwing him and he was like, naw dawg, you being cheap, and I was like I’m just good man lol. He got all mad when I beat him, so he kicked me. I was like wtf, why you kicking me lol, and he was like you cheap man. I was like lol.


I guess I don’t agree with that. But I’m also the kind of guy who gives the other player the 2nd round if its pretty clear I’m dominating.

If they don’t get the picture, I’ll shut them out until they leave which normally isn’t very long.

I dunno, kicking someone just because they are scrubs is kind of harsh.

Maybe I’m just old school.


I always get kicked in Tekken5dr, cause I play scrubs and destroy them hehe.

To OP, that guy sounds like a mega scrub. Don;t worry about him. Iam sure you would have raped him all the next games because his “do one move alot!!!” strategy would fail, and he knew it.


I never kick people, I usually play as long as he or she wants to.

However, I do kick people if I have to leave or my friends want to play against me.


Kicking people is never a problem with me because I usually end up getting kicked by people who get tired of beating my scrubby ass. :frowning:


the scrub can always play someone else.


If they’re beating me consistently even if they’re spamming a move, I don’t kick them. I want to learn how to get out of my opponent’s set ups.

If I’m winning too much, I’ll boot myself out. There’s no learning experience there.


That’s what I meant. Maybe I’ll play more than 2, but if I murder him the whole time, he won’t be able to learn anything. He/she needs to play someone closer to their own level to get anything out of it.