vs evil ryu



Having trouble in this match lately.any tips or ways to deal with him?


Evil Ryu gets his c.mk baited and interrupted all the way trought this matchup so he will start spamming s.MK, your goal in this matchup is to make it whiff, then to punish it. Zonning is in your favor, use it. Learn Evil Ryu’s setups, resets and framedata in order to block and punish properly.

PUNISH THE lk.AXE KICK, its -7 on block.
fast tips:

If you block a cl.HP, mash DP: if the next move is a true block string nothing happens, if its a MK. Axe Kick, you will interrupt it.

If you see Evil Ryu canceling a blocked c.MK into anything, dont bother trying to find out whats the move he canceled the c.MK into, just mash the hell out of it. only hadokens are true block strings, and only from a certain range.

All of his tatsus are punished if the last hit doesnt get blocked (ie: you were crouching).

Thats enough for te time being, I think.


Don’t fireball against Evil Ryu if he’s spamming the 2 or 3-hit fireballs. Don’t focus those either. Evil Ryu has low health and high damage output so it’s important that you don’t let him in. Footsie him and zone him to death. Don’t get knocked down as he has that dive kick that can mix you up on your wakeup. His sweep and low forward actually start up pretty slowly so you shouldn’t have much of a problem going footsies with him.


Evil has big damage, but only has 3 ways of getting in. Dive Kick (dp this), cr.mk (yours if faster), and f.mk (respect this).
If you watch the evo 2014 footage of Daigo vs Alex and Choi, you’ll see that the match would be even between him and alex until Dagio landed a cr.mk and won. But Choi was able to win because he shut down Daigo’s cr.mk.
If you play it right, the match boils down to whether or not you made the right read outside of his cr.mk range, but then again you could alway just place it safe and block. If he used f.mk and you block it, he’s going to almost always be -2 no matter what he does. You’ll win if don’t get hit by his cr.mk.