Vs. Games "Mentality"

In the Vs. Games, are combos supposed to be committed to memory or should they be felt out, where you have knowledge of what will go into what instead of just memorizing a sequence of buttons? I can’t figure out if it’s supposed to be free flowing or if i need to put more thought into what I’m doing when i combo. I can still do plenty of damage but not as gracefully or with the strength that i see some other play with.

Just like any other fighter, you’re going to have to learn your teams BnBs.

the goal is to punch the other guy in the face until he is dead

it’s a bit of both actually. you ned to memorize the stun time and how many start up frames a certain attack but after that you can throw in your own style and feel the combo. and of course if you have an idea go to the training room and test it out.

learn 1 BnB combo.
learn ways to get into said combo.

THEN worry about harder combos, and with practice, you’ll notice small differences in spacing so you’ll accommodate accordingly subconsciously.

In most vs. games, you are suppose to learn 1-3 bnb’s and you need to learn like 100’s of different ways to get into said combo(s). Depending on the situation, you should go into a set-up.

E.G when sentinel is flying low, most magnetos just do a sj. lk into rom infinite, especially if Sentinel is not stomping.

Another example, Morrigan/Tron bnb is Cr. lk + Tron, cr. lk, dash, cr. lk, cr. lk, launch magic series. Sometimes, your opponent will try to block low, so what do you do? IAD (instant airdash) sj. lk, sj. lk, into bnb.

Any vs. game is about metagame, instead of just spacing and ish.

Didn’t Gootecks do something like that?

Didn’t Gootecks do something like that?

nice answers, i’ve got BnBs for the characters I play but I feel like I should be able to go further, Like in TvC i have one combo with Tekkaman that slices off a TON of damage and I have like 3 or 4 ways to get into said combo, but then I’m at a dead end cause it’s basically all I can do.

i love this post, very profound…follow this OP