vs. Gen

this is probably one of my most frustrating match ups cause of gens completely awkward jumping arc.


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Honestly, it’s a match that I don’t think anyone is really experienced with, I’d actually counter pick Seth in this match because your main goal should be to keep Gen out of the air and not let him use his cross up shenanigans to get in damage. When Gen is out there isn’t much he can do at all.

when facing Gen, my best friend is j.FP.

most Gens always try to start out with some kind of jump kick crossover so I tend to use a jumping back FP often in this matchup.

i usually don’t have problems with Gens. once knocked down you can jump in pretty safely if you are doing a meaty j.FK. but you gotta watch out when he has EX meters because that DP kick he has is pertty good on wakeup for him when EX’ed.

once Gen is down i try to stay close to him though and just keep putting pressure on him and typically at that point they don’t have much to counter with.

but as the other guy said, there are not many good gens out there so it’s hard to practice against one. the other day i got my ass handed to me by gen. he was doing some combo that involved his ‘100 hand slap’ and he could then link something with that and do another ‘100 hand slap’ right after. i had never seen it.

when gen is in the alternate stance chances are he’s going for an Oga Kick… instead of blocking and taking the risk of blocking the wrong way… jump up and knock him out the air with a j.MP, i find that this stops them from attempting it as much. Even if he does the straight away Oga kick where he comes straight at ya from the low angle, he whiffs anyway, so its safe to j.MP. After that you just have to worry about his shitty crossups, best thing to do is zone him and stay at a range where if he tries to jump, u can knock him out the air with c.RH, or do a J.FP when u see him leave the ground.

But yeah the dude above me is right, try to get a knockdown then stay on him with jump-ins on knockdowns, pressure the sheit out of him on every knockdown, just make sure your jump is safe or youre gonna eat a gekiro. With me, i tend to spam alot of jab straights, if the Gen likes to focus attack then ill mix in his armor breaker dash punch and ill be a little less aggro, go for throws a bit more too.

I used to be TERRIBLE at gen matchups, and Gen is the player i have the worse win percentage against (about 57% i think), but now i rarely lose to them.