Vs Genei Jin

Shit, genei jins corner trap is really hard to beat

any tips?

block low?


I’ve found that, for me, the best thing to do is to low block. However, instead of stomping when Yun comes up for a command grab like KSK doesbecause it’s fairly safe to assume that Yun wants to maximize his damage and/or expects a stompsmash Yun’s parry attempt with a b.hp command grab.

I just found that when he makes the 3 hit string (when your blocking) and they walk a little (sometimes yuns start hitting right after getting in GJ mode) you can counter with your own commad grab (jab power bomb)

i just block low and depending on what yun is doing i go either for a stomp or a parry into whatever. the thing is trying to read well the opponent. if you have the space i tried sometimes to jump and do the dive (d+fp) that way i escape the corner, but its a bit tricky to do.

I have a question
how you play a random poke yun, he is always poking like crazy to get away from grabs

BTW, I already tried ex elbow slash, but I can only get 1 hit (the low one)
Yun is short

What I do (and what I’ve watched some others do) is just turtle and wait for an opening. Once you get some momentum going, you can dish out a lot of damage and stun.

but it’s really hard to win against yun…
you’ll just have to wait for that opening and capitalize the best way you can.

when is the best time to do fp flash chop

when u dont have bar to do ex flash chop on a blocked b&b (jab flash chop can be red parried).
when a shoto misses a dp (needs some timing, start with the sp flash chop first)
when u dizzy an opponent

i think strong chop is much better than fierce.
it comes out much faster…damagewise, i dunno. =)

which super art is best for tournament play SA1or2


SA2 is your best bet.

HyperBomb, while frightening and damaging, has too many problems when it comes actually landing the super. There’s no sure way to get it to hit that doesn’t involve some risk. And the fact that the opponent can jump out of it on reaction is just piss on the shit cake.

Boomerang has a few ways to land it, Hell, one of them is off a low so that’s a plus. You also get four stocks of EX compared to SA1’s three. It may not be as damaging but it is way more consistent.

when would be the best to go an air stampede

dude this is a thread about dealing with genei jin, not random alex questions. but anyway, do air stampede as wake up against throw attemps, as a crossup (for instance, c.lk, rh air stampede) and sometimes (just sometimes) as antiair (only against some jumps, other wise you will get hit).

thanks but how do you beat a good yun with genei jin yun is so quick whats the best gameplan against him

first of all it will be really hard if the yun player is good. the most annoying thing the yun player can do is just play keepaway til super bar is full. so here is a mini-breakdown for playing against yun:

things you should know (if you expect to win)

  • takedowns are your best friends, you should be able to deal a lot of damage out of a single takedown (i hope you know your mix ups and mind games)
  • dont jump too much, yun has so many options to screw your air game
  • when poking dont try to parry much, you wont have time/space to do a counter hit.

things you may want to learn (if you want to win)

  • against genei jin play counter. start blocking low and practice to parry on reaction the command overhead, and also use your air stampede to counter the command grab.
  • if he runs away to build meter, put some pressure but dont play reckless, that meter builds hella fast after a combo.
  • dont miss stuff. at this point if you expect to win, maximize your opportunities to deal high damage, cuz you wont have too many. practice your low lk, sa2; low lp, low lp, sa2; close mk, sa2; kara throw, tick powerbombs. you cant afford to miss a cancel or to whiff a powerbomb.

Damn, graygoose. There are threads dedicated to all of your questionswith specific strategies and discussionin this very forum. Read before you spam, please.

thanks for the info

when I play with alex after hp powerbomb I usually do a rh smash elbow to stay to of an opponent and go for neautral throw is this or should I stop doing it

Thats a mixup
use it when you know it will work

I was looking at this matchup from another point of view
so heres my question?
do yun HAS to play turtle against alex (running away to build meter)?

it seems the way yun rushes down is jumping all the match (against alex). if you counter everytime he jumps tryin to dive kick or something (with jumping roundhouse and stuff)he`ll die sooner or later.