Vs. Grapplers (Hugo & Alex)

i don’t have as much trouble with other characters but these two are the most difficult for me becase since i like to set up the command grab a lot they just 360, hcf+p me automaticly. i usualy just space them and poke them because the moment i get close to them, throw.

i mostly use sa1 on them so the supper pressures them to set it up with more fear.

any suggestions you guys can give me?

yeah good luck with them. my mak finds a decent hugo difficult as she would run into mks, mps and lps quite often. any space between traps get 360ed. keep your distance? :rolleyes:

Infinite set-up: c.MK all day long

Pop them with Hayates, EX hayates if you can. A lot of thier moves have a bit of recovery on them, so if they are just playing footies with you, just keep a sharp eye and capitilize on thier wiffs.

If you are getting smoked by 360’s and grabs, jsut leanr how to do her EX Tsurugi right off the ground. This will stuff throws pretty easily and tends to eat hugo alive in a lot of situations.

I actually turtle quite a bit against both these characters. I dont know if it is the best stratgey, but Id rather have them come to me and pop them when I can, rather jsut going in there trying to attack and getting scooped up for my efforts. I usally found myself running into hugo’s sweeps and other random pokes when I would dash in a lot. They are big slow characters, so force them to come to you and just punish them for attacking.

Personally I use SA2 for the meter in this matchup, because they have so much stamina, landing SA1 may not be as drastic as landing it on Yun or Akuma. Like haunts said, EX Tsurugi low to the ground is great against the grapplers. Play it safe, and if Hugo ever superjumps towards you, EX Fukiage that shit^_^

Yeah, I acutlly think kara ex fukiage is a great weapon against hugo, but there are other tools she can use to get the same effect.

Well, when I play Makoto players with Alex (or pretty much anyone but Chun and Hugo), the thing that hinders my movement the most, by far, is her cr.mk. That kick is fast and has enough priority to stuff almost anything Alex can throw at you (including EX Slash Elbow, which is a big plus for you). Plus, since you’re crouching, you won’t be susceptible to the random b.hp headbutt.

Ironically, Hugo and Alex have a huge disadvantage vs Makoto.

If Makoto grabs them in the corner with the Karakusa, it’s a guaranteed 60-70% stun + setup.

>> Link
-> Cancel
xx Super Cancel (Not used here)
[] Abort Move (Usually for Kara Cancels, also for cancelled Hayate]

Karakusa >> Fierce -> EX Hayate >> Fierce -> [Hayate] …then…

Fierce -> EX Hayate >> Fierce [STUN]
Kara-Karakusa >> Fierce, etc [STUN]

Moral of the story: RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN

IF she grabs them!

start up for karakusa- 30

start up for 360- 3

i would have to karakarakusa then.

I thought that Hugo could be annoying to Makoto thanks to reversal 360 on hit Hayate which negates most of post-hayate options…
also the 360 is faster than karakusa and has better range iirc so it should defeat at least some karakusa setups
do you have a solution against that, or is it like that it’s still a good thing for Hugo but it’s not enough to save him?


don’t do karakusa setups on hugo, just do like jumping back forward or uppercut based on their reaction…(you can’t backdash either in case they’re mashing 720)

usually the good hugos do shootdown backbreaker, the better ones will parry the jumping away attack and then do it or do fierce to ground you again

damn 360/720 spammers. ruin all our fun.

that’s basically what i do.

best advice:


If you run that shit down, you will lose.

Take it from me, I parry big macs.

oh haunts i must disagree…
oh the evil fun you can have against spammers :badboy:

seriously, stuff and poke until they stop spamming

Like haunts said, EX Tsurugi works fairly well against both Hugo and Alex. Crouching MK on Hugo however, gets eaten up a lot for me.

The most success I’ve had against Hugo’s is by rarely try to land Hayate/EX Hayate because if Hugo is looking, especially for the EX flash, he can 360 and you run right into it. The karakusa against Hugo pretty much sucks for me too. But, Hugo can’t really do anything to stop well spaced (ie far/low) jumping Roundhouses. Stuffs the shootdown all day.