Vs. Guile Thread

I have no problems against Guile, until I get into a corner, he out pokes and tick throws me.

Post vs. Guile strategies in this forum.

dont get in the corner

Read his pattern of tick throws, and tech them. Try to get in a slide back throw so hes in the corner, then teleport out of there. Also be careful of his Flash Kick, they rarely use it but they have it and its annoying.

… match booms or Tower over them inching you way close enough to punish them with stand fierce. At that range you can destroy any jumpin with b.RH. Guile truly isn’t that bad of a match.

Just wanted to add that Fuson says this is Guile’s hardest matchup. (I am starting to agree)

Guile is one of the easiest characters to zone out. It might be because most Guile players tend to play the zone themselves. My point is, if a Guile is good enough to get you trapped in the corner then your problem lies with your zoning techniques. You have so many possibilities for keeping Guile back that picking one is just personal preference. Most Guiles are not beasts on the approach. Just zone them out.

im sorry but u aint been playing good guile players my friend

Against Guile: just remember that you can out-poke and out-zone him any day of the week. Force him to launch an offensive.
Most of the time, Guiles will try to focus absorb your s.fp (or other poke) to get close. To counter this, just go for one of Sim’s faster pokes. S.mk and s.lk work wonders against focus fishers.
Guile can’t jump in on you. Stuff his jump-in attempts and be conservative with your pokes when you detect that Guile is in attack mode.
Don’t go for j.fp if Guile has down-charge.
Guile players love that target combo with the overhead. If you see Guile throw out a seemingly out-of-place c.mk, you can bet that he is probably either going to go for the overhead or he is going to move in for the grab.
Guile doesn’t really have anyway to effectively stop you from making an emergency escape from the corner, either.

just focus a lot in this match up early on so you can build an ultra and start to waste time.

That post is so old haha. I was cocky back then to be so bad. I still play Guile the same way though. I look to get two time over’s in this match.

Yeah, time over is really how i win a good 60-70% of my matches against guile. Its very annoying because when guile REALLY clamps down, and refuses to do anything other than turtling sb’s and focus absorb/connect any limbs (except s.mk, which guiles tend to throw out a s.mp that wierdly trades) this makes it very hard to “take the game to guile”

What i tend to do is at the start of the round, try and get an early s.mk in, then fb- just to see if hes a turtler (they ALL are at g1) or a slightly more adventurous guile. If the guile is the standard turtle sonic boomer, then its a case of using tower+slide to get into arms length and try and catch his sonic boom start up with a s.fp. This can be tricky, because guiles dont throw out sonic booms willy nilly when your at limb range, they tend to wait for the limb THEN sonic boom, boom if you wait, you can kinda pre-empt the boom, hitting him with the limb (failing that, he will block, throw out a sb, and you just tower/slide again and repeat until you hit him) this is where the problem lies however, as the odd s.fp isnt really gonna be blowing guiles hp bar any time soon, hence the time out victories. If love to hear from some high skilled sim’s on what to do in this matchup, maybe IAT the second you see guile start to focus/sb? or maybe theres a case for jumping towards guile, trying to bait out a flash kick, teleporting before it connects and hitting him with a beefy combu?

I dunno! help us out!!!

Against sonic booms, you really don’t even need to jump and if you want to get in close enough to be in poke range, that is generally the best option. Instead, you should slide under the sonic booms, stop them with yoga fire (but don’t be in range of getting hit by jumping fierce), or tower them if they aren’t the slow ones. Don’t just use fierce punch either and try to always be prepared to anti-air with b.RH. It wouldn’t hurt to jump a little and teleport if you see that they’re jumping towards you so then you have more space to move in (in the case you are near the corner). Take advantage of all your light/medium punch/kick pokes too since they aren’t focus attack fodder in the case they try focus attack dashing towards you.

Agreed.I am a Guile player.

Agreed.I am a Guile player.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I am now wondering how according to the japanese tier list why this match up is 7-3 Dhalsim.

I think this fight is pretty much even, or maybe in Dhalsim’s favor 6-4, but 7-3? Dhalsim can only keep Guile out but has no tools to put offensive pressure on Guile.

exactly… when guile has the lead he can just hold down back and theres really nothing we can do about it. If we tele in, we eat a flash kick. If we stay put its just a fireball war that goes no where. If we go for the grab its gnna get teched. I hate guile with a passion now.

I also wonder why its 7-3. Especially since I just got done playing a few matches against a Guile who completely dominated me each time. Of course, there’s a good chance he’s just a better player than I am, but he made enough silly little mistakes where that may not be the case.

You need to let him come to you. The most you ever want to get close to him is at the tip of FP hitting. I think there is a certain range where he might beat your anti-air, but that could be related to timing. If at max range you don’t think you can anti-air him, focus back dash.

Do not teleport in unless you are 100% sure you can catch him using sonic boom (which will be rarely against a good player), and don’t bother going for fireball mix ups on his wake-up since flash kick auto-corrects and will most likely hit you even if fireball hits. Get him in the corner and this will highly be in your favor. EX yoga fire is actually really good cause it travels infinitely and may cause some players to back out more.

In this matchup (as Arturo said) use fireball only when you’re far, you cannot risk to eat an air combo. (Guile damage is too big). Punish with HP at maximum range, and punish EVERY jump with s.HK or b.HK. Try to put him in the corner where you can punish sonic boom with HP and block it… this last trick helps a lot to win.

In this match up, the winner is the one who can hold up the life lead. Guile shines when he is either in Mid range (the range of his back fist, far standing heavy kick and Cr.mk) or when he is cornering Dhalsim. If Guile gets the early lead by landing a combo somehow, he will rule the match. All he has to do is match your fire and block your limbs to win, while flash kicking teleport attempts.

However, Dhalsim has many many tools to prevent Guile landing that single jump in combo, from St.Hp, slides, yoga tower, drills, Air teleport to safety (beware cornering yourself), and best of all, unlike Guile, Dhalsim actually have a comeback factor with his Ultra 1.

Guile can not stay at full screen, he has hell of a time reaching mid screen, and cornering dhalsim requires patience of a mountain or dumb luck, or Dhalsim screwing up. I use to think Abel can poop Guile for free, but Dhalsim poops and pees all day long at Guile.

If you keep a cool head and focus, this match will flow smoothly to Dhalsim favor. 7-3 Dhalsim favor. Infact just watch some of Sabin’s Dhalsim vs Guile and you will see how this match up unfold.