vs guile

first i wanna say hello to all member…

i have some trouble with beatin guile.i mean random players with him are easy…but if my opponent is able to handle guile a little bit,its f*ckin hard to win…

any tips?:wgrin:

I say jumping against turtle Guiles can be a pain but then again turtles imo are rough on Saks anyway. I stand my ground and make Guile come to me so I have the advantage and always try to keep them crossed up. I have also yet to play a Guile who doesnt love Flash Kicks.

LOL. Like every character thread has a thread about someone having trouble with Guile. Guile just don’t wanna fight nobody.

time outs

overhead is your best friend here

zack_austin, youre done with sf4?? what about westcoast warzone on sept 5th! You gotta represent sakura with me lol

that means?

btw:i dont want to let the time run out…i think its lame.

and if he has more power than me,im not able to do that…even if i would

ryu headband girl has flower kick, dats foward+MK

toward + mk = sakura’s overhead

guiles like to crouch A LOT

I like to Focus/backdash cancel to bait their flash kick, and FA one of his low kicks and punish with tatsu. Other than that I like to play dirty such as grabbing a lot and of course overheads =D. Keeping him crossed up is also a good idea, but I’d say you would have to play alot more careful with guiles.

Whenever I’m in range I throw a st.HK, if I see a sonic boom I like to tatsu through it.
Most guiles (meaning not the really skilled ones) become predictible in their use of c.HK, if you can time a FA you can crumple stun them before the second kick hits.

As mentioned in a previous post, always use the f.MK when they are ducking. Use it over and over, and then feint it sometimes to try to bait a flash kick. I like to backdash out of a FA when I’m in range of a flash kick and then throw out a st.HK if I don’t see one.

A lot of people that pick guile will try to cheese you with a sonic boom, sometimes an ex SB, when you are getting up after you got knocked down. If you have any EX bar waste it on a wake-up ex shouken.

Cross up J.lk -> C.lk -> C.lp -> C.hp -> Ex tatsu -> Otoshi or Ultra.

Hate guile. Don’t care what game, HATE.

Sometimes they Flash kick when you jump and sometimes the J.lk beats it out and resets.

I just got in here to ask about guile… He has the least balls out of all the characters, I have trouble with all charge characters as Sakura but Guile is the worst! Air Force my ass, he should be renamed to Lt. Pansy.

hey I might go spectate that for the weekend, I wanna watch your matches

no homo

FADC is your friend against guiles… rapes everything… just watch out for his flash kick… when he whiffs, punish him. and for gods sake, stay outa the air against guile.

i almost never lose to guiles