Vs. Hugo

This is probably my most problematic match-up, since all of Hugo’s pokes and grabs are simply better than Alex’s.

What I wonder is this: when Hugo jumps in, would it be safe to option parry and then immediately do a :lk: Spiral DDT? I figure that, since you’re airborne by then, Hugo won’t be able to grab you (and if Hugo does s.:mp: or SAIII, you wouldn’t take nearly as much damage; plus, he’d have to react quickly). Or would Air Stampede work better?


theres a really good alex vs hugo thread in the alex section.
anyway you i reckon you should go into powerbomb when he lands if you parry his jump in. even better is s.mp to ex knee bash. :badboy:
air borne opponents shouldnt really be a prob but hugo has real good priority esp his air hk and down hp (the body splash one).
on other notes, use ex elbows to punish any whiffed move but dont be too predicatable as he may bait a quick recovery move and punish. might soung stupid but i find using f+hp is a good move as hugo is so big, it gets him.

Use Alex’s speed if you can corner hugo the better just keep in mind that don’t be to close to hugo or you’ll be eaten with 360