vs Hugo

I really just cannot win this matchup. Any tips?

My mixup doesn’t work, he can just mash 360’s during my post-hayate mixup. ><
Is it a matchup that you can’t play as aggressive? Or do you have to play back a little, as in space while staying aggressive?

I just can’t understand this one. :confused: And it’s 8-2 MAK, apparently.

I’ll try looking up some matchup vids as well.

Pro tip: Hayate is not safe, specially with Ryu!

You have to remember … Hugo is a counter player!

You may get away with constantly doing Ryu’s hayate on other characters, but if you hayate and Hugo blocks he can easily punish you. Hugo has high priority when it comes to punishing. He can block certain moves / normals and lay down some thick damage. When you try Ryu’s kara karakusa shoryu combo make sure you don’t whiff. Be prepared to be Supered if Hugo evades or if you misjudge the distance. Hope this helps!

…god, this thread had me crosseyed for a second. hahaha

^ bahahah. im such an ass