VS Hugo



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Hugo match up

Fought a good Hugo last night this feels like a Hugo vs oro match from third strike. Hard for Hugo to get close because of the mp Hado…


Yeah I haven’t played any Hugo’s that know what they’re doing, but he seems pretty free to mp fireball


agreed, even my ass wont gflip pressure his ex wakeup tho …too dangerous…everything else however is a GOOOOOO…

kara and slide kara fbs put his ass in the tightest bind


Free as fuck… played my buddy who’s got the no.1 hugo spot right now some good sets last night.

lp.palm hits from such a far range that him trying to focus in is a joke. Cr.lk buffered to ex tatsu during any footsies fucks his day up too.

lp/mp fireballs all day. mp smacks his hop.

his only decent way of going through fireballs (besides the universal ‘jumping’ lol) is Ex lariat. it’s somewhat quick, but free to cr.lk ex tatsu. or just block and punish.

I’d honestly suggest not anti-airing with ex tatsu, just use cr.hp or whatever, and save that meter for buffered footsies, or in case you get knocked down you have options.


Yeah, he seems pretty helpless unless he walked you into the corner. But maybe its also a bit early…


Hugo will become a bastard, mark my words.


Hugo is easily 7-3 and maybe even 8-2 at this point. He even have to block the mp hado when he is crouching close up. His size is pretty damn ridiculous.

I really don’t see anyway he can close in. Or corner you all that well. Even when he have you cornered he can’t do much since his focus cancel are hella slow and he doesn’t have that much stuff that go through. s.lk into EX tatus is basicaly the bane of his existent. His footise are so punishable he will spend half the round trying to get in again on any mistake he make.

His jump in is weak against Gouken normal too. Like what GuyMcPerson said. The Ex bar is better save for other stuff.

Air EX Tatus when he doesn’t have EX bar can work too. Since he have HUGE hitbox and as soon as he duck he get overhead. A decent gimmick if you want to finish the round.


theres prob more tech they can rollout vs us right now its like online training vs hugo but with points


f.mk is an excellent normal in that match up to keep hugo from walking in, max range whiff punish and to juggle after close hado air hits. being 75dmg, that adds up quickly…

ex lariat can be reversal ex tatsu’ed on block, regular ones can be hit confirmed from close mp in pain train.

full screen ex run can be ultra’ed on reaction like balrog.


In the main forum they said that MP fireball can’t hit crouchers period, so does Hugo have to block these or not?

They said that even if Ryu does cr.hp into the mp fireball it will miss.


I was not hitting him with mp fireballs when he was crouching. He was about outside of any standing normals range. He did not need to block but he was basically stuck waiting until the fb passed over him and if he wanted to jump he needed to wait even longer or he could be juggled.


mp fireball keep him in proximity block then dj.mp>iat


not a great match just wanted to show the ol dj mk crossup to dj mp>exiat


Mp hado hits Hugo full screen. Only the first hit of the charged mp hado connects.


I would be using st.mk over st.hp or st.hk to keep him out. I got so much mileage with that one kick it’s kinda funny.
cr.lk xx lp Palm over sweep.


The Hugo match up is somehow really funny, as Gouken actually only needs three moves to win: hado, far.mk and extatsu. Can it get any worse?


Yeah, maybe I was wrong in the beginning. I really thought there were going to be some killer Hugo players, but so far I’ve only lost to my first match on release day. He doesn’t seem to make sense in this game where characters like Yun, Viper, Cammy are the top tier archetypes. I think he’s a 50/50 character but he can’t close the gap to get where he needs to be to make you guess.


I posted in labwork RE: what ive found is that when he is crouching Gouken and the rest of the cast im sure…can make use of what seems to be the inability to block attacks at his head i.e. diagonal jump attacks excluding dj.mp/dj.mk everything else hits him …thats 4 diagonal attacks !!!


Use EX Tatsu as an anti-air to put Hugo full screen away from you. Which imo is where this matchup is the easiest.