vs hugo

this is not a joke :sad:
can someone give me some basic stuff against a good hugo?
the jabs own me,
what weaknesses can u exploit?

Zone with sweep, his throws have start up, except for his super throw, so you can outprioritize his throws in certain occasions. When anticipating a throw jumpback HK. (Be sure you can anticipate throws a bit)

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I’ve only played against a Gigas Hugo, and I’ve heard he’s pretty bad, but here’s my advice anyway. If Hugo has a full meter, don’t try a wake up attack. Gigas beats out a lot of stuff (except for jumps, so I guess that’s okay). And if Hugo can’t pull of a standing 720, watch out for jump ins and dashes. Hugo will use those to get the 720 in. Just watch for those and punish them. This advice might not work for a lot of players, but it’s all I have.

Get yourself out of grab range on the wakeups and punish him when he whiffs the 360 throw (idk wtf it’s called). Make sure not to jump in predictable time frames because it’s your ass if he air grabs you.

Try not to get into his loops and be prepared to jump out of the grab traps that he will most likely try to get you in. Use poke games and mixups to keep him guessing and to keep him away from you. Play defensively (& unpredictably at the same time) and take advantage of your opportunities.