vs Ibuki

out of every Ibuki player i only have problem against Tenren, any advices?

here my lastest one with him, for 2df.

help me rape her.

I have trouble with her too, what a bitch. Anyway, she’s fast, very fast, her quick roll and dash are hell to deal with. I advise you watch out for that overhead roundhouse jumpy thing, I don’t know the command. Its basically about blocking all of her shit and use that st.fierce to punish her dash ins and random pokes. I know it sounds like common sense, but just down block a lot

I advise you use cr.mk a lot, stuffs a lot of her random dashes and shit, and some st.fierce here and there to give her some helpful brain cancer. Don’t really rely on anti air spheres, unless you sure. When you knock her down, with a headbutt or whatever, dont do jab aegis, just do strong or fierce, her quick roll is too good, you’ll rarely trap her, just put one behind her and try and cross her up or knock her into it. Best midscreen UB is cr.fierce, tackle xx fierce aegis, dash back, mp sphere, roundhouse kneedrop, dash, mp headbutt, break guard with whatever

Corner ub, just tackle xx jab aegis, jump toward, dash in, cr.jab, rh kneedrop(partition). Don’t even try and parry a lot, unless you are sure you’ll get it. Her mixup is what is so fucking annoying, dash unders and command grabs all day, I advise not trying to parry any of it, just block it all, urien really hasn’t got anything to fight the insane mixup, his jab headbutt maybe, but chances are it will be beaten a lot. Just block her mixup, watch out for those annoying overheads, stuff the dash with cr.mk, very useful. When she does her aerial combo string and then continues onto the ground, just be ready to throw tech or block high the overhead. Its an annoying matchup, hard to parry shit, hard to combo or punish, and she is fast. A bad matchup for urien, just get the best out of every parry that you can get, and stuff her when you can.

It’s a bad matchup until you get good with Aegis and juggles and can force her to make mistakes. Then she dies quick. Ibuki overall as a serious poking and maneuverability advantage over Urien and she can lock him down rather well. Like said above…stay patient…block a lot…watch for her f+MK overhead…and punish her hard for any mistake she may make when you’re in a situation to do so. Learning how to parry her air chains will prove very useful as well. It’s a lot more risky for her to use them if you can parry them down.

Yes, her speed and poking just totally out-prioritize Urien, which leaves Urien with very, very few options, other than good blocks/parries and punishing anything heavily, She takes a lot of damage and you really have to be patient and punish mistakes. Urien is limited in this match, his high stamina is his only saving grace other than the Aegis

you’re playing tenren for one thing.

the #1 thing i look out for in the matchup is her hopkick, if you can parry that or hit her out of it with an HP, you can generally ride off that to her grave close to the corner, why is this information useful? its one of her best ways to bait a throw, and she’ll want to whore it on you against a cornered urien (since she most definetly does NOT want to get thrown into it).

edit: man you do better against tenren than the last time i played him why am i giving you advice lol

also you should probably do more throws as they wake up.

those doesn’t work against an good ibuki player, well not much anyways. i know there some patterns that every ibuki players using. i think figuring those out will be the better.

best advice… just keep playing the matchup and watch vids.

lol its useless advice because it universally applies to everything

reading a magical thread on srk wont make you a better player in a matchup. just have to play fool. :looney:

but its hard to see what you are doing wrong. Sometimes you don’t even know if what you are doing is bad in the first place. Thats where getting help from others on srk comes into play.

well if it gets you killed its bad. Plz post vid on youtube.