Vs. k groove supers



i play with rock among other people, mainly in c-groove. i find the hardest match-ups against k-groove 'cos they get 2 level 3 supers a round.

i don’t know what to do when they have the supers, knowing it is only for a limited time i go defensive but a lot of the time this means i get guard crushed or backed into the corner. i fear attacking 'cos i know a single whiff means bye bye 50% life.

it just annoys me that not very good players force me to actually try against them to beat them 'cos by kicking their ass at the beginning which generally happens i am giving them a free level 3 twice a round giving them a chance to completely pull back the round and put the pressure on.


Imagine what a permanent Lv. 3 C-Gauge does to them…

Just learn your opponents supers and super set-ups. That way you know what you can and can’t do.


yeah, the main problem is the first super 'cos by the time they get their second i have a level 3 myself, and with rocks being some of the best in the game puts the pressure on them. it’s just impossible to fill the super gauge before them.


They’re in K groove, meaning YOU control their meter (Whihc I hate because I play K)

You can build meter all day without them being able to gain meter, you can either turtle like Honda or try to rush down in C groove (which is hard for Rock)

Both gain good meter, but I dunno how you can turtle and gain meter with Rock or rushdown either.


Wiffing counters is a pretty decent way to build meter while turteling if you didn’t already know.


just wondering which builds the k-groove faster some powerful attacks or a lot of small ones. i remember somebody writing somefigures but i forgot them. lol

Jinjifra: never really though about counters. with ken and ryu i do small dp’s.